USC out executed Utah when it mattered.

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      Utah has been here before. Struggling USC team they go down there and trip. USC defense played like Utah’s defense. They were on fire and made a lot of undisciplined penalties but made plays when it mattered. That Fink kid good hell third string kid slinging the ball up and wideouts make the play for him.
      Huntley. I felt like he held on a few times too long. But overall loss not on him. Helluva player and competitor.

      PASS Blocking. It isn’t ready yet. But most disappointing has been the tight end blocking. Those guys are just lost. A crucial blown assignment could have had Huntley walking in but Utah settled for three.

      Playcalling. Utah is a run first team. Ludwig needed to adjust and change the tempo. USC defense had been on the field a long time and they slowed down. Attack the edges and quicker slants would have helped to settle back those lineman. The first quarter play calls vanished as the game went on. Maybe it was losing Moss idk. Brumfields fumble was on Huntley not Brumfield. Just my opinion I do hate the shotgun look on the goal line. Props to Brumfield seemed like he passed up Wilmore. Blitz pickup still not so great outside of Moss.

      Utah defense? Blackmon’s leg was hurt and it showed. Lloyd missing that sack with an arm tackle attempt reminds me of a young Sly. He will make those as he gets older. Bernard had a fair game. Utah’s coverage lost the sticks and let guys camp in space way too much. Utah isn’t a zone team though. Man press is Utah’s coaching. Zone always sucks.

      As far as taking this loss too hard. I ain’t gonna tell you how to fan….as long as you come back and FAN up against wazzu. This team takes the loss way harder than you ever will. Anyone that has bled and sweated in the sport knows what I am talking about. The energy and time you invest is nothing compared to the athlete who played the game.

      Dang it Utah only needed about 35 is what I felt going into the game. The weirdness of today and Helton playing for his life made me think upset though.

      Go Utes!!!

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      Ute Fan

      I disagree with nearly everything you ever post. Interesting how two different people see 2 completely different games. Always enjoy disagreeing with you. Thanks for posting!

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      i saw it the same as you

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