Use of ‘Ute’ name & Symbolism

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      This is an excellent article. Luke Duncan leaves 0 ambiguity about how he feels.


      Link to SL Trib article

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      Do you ever hangout with any of the Osmonds? I was always sad about the one who couldn’t sing.

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      Nice. It drives me nuts when people who have nothing to do with the Ute tribe speak for them. I like these highlights:

      “It undermines tribal rights, it causes conflict between native and non-native communities, and it negates our ability as a sovereign nation to make appropriate decisions for our people.”

      Especially this one:

      “Let us be clear. Only the Ute Indian Tribe can speak for itself. And regarding the matter at hand, the Ute Indian Tribe encourages the University of Utah to use our name for its sports programs.”

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        all you have to do is take a trip to the Uintah Basin and you will quickly realize how the tribe feels about their association with the UofU. You don’t even need to get out of your car or speak with anyone, it’s totally obvious driving by at 65 mph that they are proud of the association with the University of Utah.

        If you actually did bother to get out and mingle with the locals, you would notice a rather large portion of Ute tribal members proudly wear UofU gear.

        Just don’t bring up BYU, that won’t go over well.

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      Now that right there is how you write a takedown.

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      What a FANTASTIC piece.
      Love this.

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      This is the appropriate way to tell a paternalistic SJW to f**k off:

      “We are a sovereign nation with an absolute right to self-determination. The Athletics Naming Agreement was ours to make, and it’s grounded in mutual respect. We will not accept efforts of non-natives, who do not know the history or understand the work we have done, calling for its demise.”

      Mead’s editorial was as racist as it gets, trying to infantilize the Ute people and tell them they have no right to self-determination, and agency. I’m glad they shoved his drivel right back down his throat.

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