Utah Baseball picked by PAC-12 Coaches to finish 10th

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      Only 11 teams play PAC-12 baseball Colorado doesn’t have a Men’s baseball team and Utah shouldn’t either. 

      1 fluke Pac-12 Championship but mostly a bottom dwelling laughing stock of the conference. 

      0 on campus facilities. 0 full ride scholarships. It’s treated like a redheaded stepchild by the athletic department. 

      A huge waist of resources. 

      Shut it down and get a men’s volleyball team or expand the golf teams to include a women’s team. 

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      Agree. Utah Lacrosse is the up and coming Spring sport along with softball and gymnastics. Complete waste of money. Announce an end date give the players time to find new schools with no transfer penalty.

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      You do realize that the NCAA limits scholarships for baseball, right? There are only 11.7 per team, which can be divided between all players. Rarely does any play get a full ride. It’s the same at every D1 school. 

      An on-campus stadium would be great for recruiting and atmosphere. 

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        I have heard they are actually working on a getting a new field on campus. 

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      Most sports have limited scholarships, not just baseball. Soccer, softball, x-country, track, swim/dive, lacrosse, golf, men’s tennis, men’s volleyball, skiing and more. If you want to add a new sport, then you just need to come up with the money. You don’t have to get rid of baseball to do it.

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