Utah football: boldly playing to win

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        Very helpful post, (thank you) I think that things are different at the U now.  Wittingham’s greatest and perhaps least appreciated virtue is that he is NOT content with just being OK.  He is always trying to be great.  He fires when it doesn’t build towards winning.  He is willing to take the big risk.  That is why he hired Taylor.  He doesn’t want to be horizontal in his trajectrory.  He no longer wants to play it safe with a low upside.  He swings for the fences (mixing metaphors).  This year, a year of big transition with coaching and personnell, it hasn’t worked out so well.  But the upside of the risk-reward equation is huge and is WORTH IT.  Taylor’s offense is the kind that could bring a Pac-12 championship.  We are building a culture of playing to win, not playing to lose.  It is risky, but it is absolutely the best time to play that bet.  I for one firmly believe it is best for us to trust the bold Whitt and see how it plays out for 3 years.


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        I like Kyle, especailly as a person.  I agree he is playing to win and be great.  I really do apprciate that about him.  Now I don’t always agree with how he goes about it, but I do very much respect his effort to take this team to the next level. 

        Kyle Wittingham is a good football coach.  I don’t think he is elite, but I think he is good to very good.  I sure hope he can take the next step with this team in the next few years.  

        I hope the team wins Saturday because this team needs the practice.  This year is hard to be very excited for anymore, but I am very optimistic about next year.  

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