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      I feel like we need to temper expectations for Rising, at least for 2021. Unless the timeline has changed, he won’t even start throwing until this summer. To expect him to be 100% at the start of fall camp is a stretch. Labrum’s are tough to come back from for a QB.

      Jake Browning at UW also went through the same surgery and was never able to get back to 100%. He still started his last two years but at 90-95% he had issues with accuracy, especially on the longer throws. These guys have such a small window of opportunity and the margins are so small when it comes to ability that if they lose even a little bit, they just aren’t able to compete at their previous levels.

      I wish Rising well and think it would be a great story if he was able to come back and start right away. But to expect it? Covey is a great example. He came back in 2019 and just was not ready. It took close to the end of 2020 before he really looked like he was at the top of his game again.

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