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      Ute Fan

      In case y’all are wondering, Utah Softball is ranked #23. It has one win over top-15 team and two close losses to Texas (top 5) Tennesse (top 15).

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      Gary Sapp
      Ute Fan

      Sounds like the Utes are doing well in all the spring sports.  This, the win over Furman in Lacrosse, and the great win over UCLA by the Red Rocks made this a very great weekend to be a Ute.

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        Ute Fan

        LOVED how the Utah-Furman game was aired on the PACN.  And in front of over 2.2K fans in attendance.  Our attendance — one of the top rates in the country right now — and our ability to broadcast games nationally are MAJOR recruiting boons!  And we’ll need all the recruiting edges we can get.  For one, most LAX programs are on the east coast, with the top players typically hailing from the VA/MD/DC metro areas, up thru Boston, and the University of Denver already cherry-picking the cream of the crop in CA and CO.

        With the outstanding way Holman is running our program, Utah will likely finish a season ranked by 2025, and climb to point we’re regular mainstays.

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