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      Tony (admin)

      We’re getting some more activity for women’s basketball, which catches me off guard (pun intended) when those are posted in the “basketball” category.  I’m thinking of making a new category for women’s so the existing category would be for men’s.  

      I also see a couple of other pro sports categories I put in when I started up the site, not knowing if they’d get any action.  They don’t.  “Soccer” and “NHL” have 14 total topics in 3+ years. I propose to get rid of those and merge the existing topics into “Professional Sports.”  That will clean those up.

      Unless anyone has objections or better ideas, I’ll probably make those changes in the next day or so.

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      Ute Fan

      Thanks, Tony. Sounds like a fine idea. I would request that you rename the basketball category to Men’s Basketball, rather than keeping it as “basketball” and marginalizing the women’s team.

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        Ute Fan

        I understand your point about calling it mens and womens, and frankly, I am fine with it.

        But just because I get weary of political correctness, I feel it should be clarified that the reason it is acceptable to call it “basketball” (without the “men” modifier) and “women’s basketball” is because women, if they were good enough, would be welcome to play on the team that is currently made up of only men (at least, I am not aware of any rules preventing it). The reason a women’s basketball team exists is because they need a new category that allows them to compete at an even playing field. Men are not welcome to play on the women’s team, but I am pretty sure the opposite is not true. So, basketball is just that, basketball played at the highest level by the University of Utah. Women’s basketball is a modified version that is restricted to just women. 

        The same is true of the NBA, we don’t need to call it the Men’s NBA. It is just a collection of the best basketball players in the world, regardless of sex.

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      Ute Fan

      Small suggestion: change the “byu/tds” category to just “tds”, since the point of using the TDS moniker is to avoid seeing byu at all. 


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      Ute Fan

      I’d just leave a holistic basketball category. I think the wbb threads will get more participation if it stays with the mbb. It’s not that confusing to have a women’s team post mixed in with the men’s.

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        Tony (admin)

        #toolate.  And honestly, WBB posts threw me off.  “It’s game day!”  Wait, what? I thought we played tomorrow. LOL

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