Ute lax wins!

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      Our boys took out Dwayne Wade’s Marguette Eagles!

      Philly Ute! Help me out here! Do I need to stress the keeper situation? It seemed there wasn’t a lot getting stopped from 15-20 yds out today.

      Other then that, it was great to see our d bow up in the fourth(not-withstanding the mini collapse with 2 mins left. Munch that clock people!)

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      Ute Fan

      I felt the “poor play” on Defense were primarily from the Defensemen.  Not the Goalie.  They weren’t sliding to cover the crease, and gave too many wide open shots.  Attackmen shouldn’t be able to scoop up the ball at the F/O and run a straight line to the goal without seeing much in the way of resistance.

      That said, I was a lot more impressed with Marquette’s team than I thought I would be.  It’s not a common event to see 3 goals scored inside 60-sec, and we saw that with MU in the final 2-min of the game.

      Up next:  Vermont.  I’m expecting this one to be even more challenging than Marquette, but nowhere near as difficult as Denver.

      GO  UTES!!!

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