Welcome to ASU game day!

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      Well this one is a biggie. I’ve really grown to dislike the AZ schools, especially jar-head, damn near as much as TDS. It’s going to be a long day waiting for kickoff. I’ll get to my tailgate around 3-3:30 and before then I’ll be working on some new site features.

      GO UTES

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      Homer Crimson
      Ute Fan

      I share your dislike of ASU, I have some Wildcat friends and Tucson connections so it’s harder to hate on AZ. Both fanbases act like USC-lite so it gets easier to despise their smugness all the time.

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      Ute Fan

      I looked for you last week in the Guardsman lot, but it was about 10am. Not many were there so I wasn’t surprised.

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      I’ll be getting to the tailgate lot around 3:30.


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