Which away football atmosphere did you enjoy the most?

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      Ute Fan

      I’d have to say Notre Dame pre-game was first class. The fans were welcoming and very helpful. It was a horrible wet rainy game which we lost, but the experience was my favorite.

      The Big House, I didn’t really like that place.

      UNC was not very good, too hot, and the fans were jerks. But the pre-game tailgate was epic. (can I say that? Since I was a UF.N member then? And yes I put it together. Anybody on here attend that game?)

      2009 Louisville was fun, the fans were a bit much but the experience was great.

      Colorado has been hit or miss. The game we lost which sent them to the P12 championship game was insufferable. But that was the only time we’ve lost in Boulder. I’ve been to all the games there. Helps living in CO.

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      Tony (admin)

      I’ve only been to a couple: Two Rose Bowls and Notre Dame. Yeah, tough choice there, but the ND experience is certainly like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The night before is even amazing.

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        Tony (admin)

        I should correct my post. I also went to both P12 championship games in Vegas. Those were a blast, but not in spirit of the question.

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      Ute Fan

      I liked the Big House in 2002. There was a nice Utah tailgate on the golf course next to the stadium. I found the Michigan fans welcoming, and I thought it was great that the band marched on the field playing “Utah Man am I.” One totally drunk Utah fan made a fool of himself, and the Utah fans started to bo him.

      We had a good time at Oregon in 1994. Oregon fans were p**sed that they lost to Utah, but it was a fun game and a great weekend with friends.

      The Cal game in 2000 was a bad experience. The fans were drunk and obnoxious and the stadium was in bad condition (pre remodel).

      I enjoyed the experience at Florida in 2022. Some FL fans were nice others were obscene and obnoxious. I just enjoyed the atmosphere of big-time football. There were 19,000 + Ute fans there and that was fun to see. I got to talk to a lot of players’ parents.

      I went to the Illinois game in 1987. The fans there seemed surprised that Utah fans even existed. They were not obnoxious. They simply looked at us like we were aliens.

      There are many more, but these are the most memorable. By the way, I have not watched a game in Provo since 1983. I made a choice that day to never go back.

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      Ute Fan

      Rose Bowl and P12 championship in Vegas (particularly 2021 season) were both unbeatable atmospheres.
      Oregon State’s actual game atmosphere was quite mellow for the game I attended, but the town of Corvallis was beautiful to visit.
      Washington’s games on the bay were incredible, despite their fans not being the friendliest.

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      Ute Fan

      Notre Dame was awesome. Just wish the team showed up that day. But nothing I’ve been to compares to that.

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      Jim Vanderhoof
      Ute Fan

      Sugar Bowl by far. New Year’s Eve bourbon street. Amazing game with 10,000 Ute fan compared to 60,000 Alabama fans. Second would be the Fiesta Bowl. Seeing that stadium all red was amazing. Great memories.

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        Ute Fan

        Sugar Bowl was the most electric game I’ve ever been too…that game changed my Utah fandom forever!

        Both Rose Bowls were SPECTACULAR events…should’ve won the tOSU game but it was one of the most exciting Ute games ever!

        Fiesta Bowl was awesome. The old ASU stadium sucked, but it was cool to see Ute Nation completely take over that place (Rice Eccles South).

        Sail-gating at Husky Stadium was one of the most scenic games I’ve ever experienced…LOVE Husky Stadium, one of my favorite venues!

        Last year’s USC game. I took my Dad since that might be one of the last games I’m able to have him travel to with me (he’s getting older). We sat on the 50 yard line on about the 11th row right behind the Utah bench. Jamie Whittingham was on the row right in front of us. For me, that was our Super Bowl last year given the circumstances of the season. Winning that game to make it 4 straight against SC on a walk-off FG was just epic! I’ll never forget going ape-s*#t crazy, hugging my Dad after that FG went through the up-rights, while all of the SC season ticket holders rushed for the exits in disgust…priceless!!

        Baylor was easily the worst experience. Stadium was nice, fans were over-the-top nice. But the heat & humidity were absolutely unbearable that time of year. We had nice seats down low but couldn’t even make it through the 1st quarter sitting in them it was so bad…literally felt like I was melting into a puddle of sweat and wishing I had not made the trip. The rest of the game was spent in the covered concourse trying to still watch the game with all the other fans who couldn’t take the heat of the blazing sun either. We finally decided to climb up to one of the upper decks where it was covered and found some empty seats to watch the final few minutes of the game which happened to be the only worthwhile part of that game…we literally did nothing in that game until then. But then the Utes found a way to pull out the victory in the end and all of my anger towards the experience of Waco went away haha!

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      Ute Fan

      – Last year’s USC tops my list (ok, not most enjoyable atmosphere, but most satisfying win/experience). Annoying fan was shut up at the end. We (me and my son) got near a portal for quick exit, but waited for the FG, and it was amazing.

      – ND was most welcoming, so really enjoyed it. Wet and loss dampened things a little.

      – Loved @UW. Beautiful day, stadium, Sat next to 2 funny old guys that reminded me of the Swedish Chef Muppets. And we got a win that I didn’t expect. Overall, this is the ‘atmosphere I enjoyed the most’

      – 2nd Rose Bowl was a great experience – so much tradition. Stupid Penn St. and injuries. The pro-Utah split in attendance was electric.

      – UM was mostly fun because we waited, and the few thousand Utah fans got to watch the end up close.

      – PAC12 CCG doesn’t count; UW in Santa Clara was not good, Oregon in LV was a blast and atmosphere was amazing (pro-Utah split in attendance).

      – Agree that CU is hit or miss. One year, we chanted Reggie right behind him before he ran a kickoff back. One year super cold 1st half. Another time close up behind Utah bench was fun in the blowout. Ralphie running is fun.

      – ASU sucked. Hot, loss, annoying fans.

      – UA was all right. Stadium is a hole. Big win and fun road trip, picking my dad up on the way (not really a Utah fan, but we visited his parent’s graves in Gila valley). Tucson was decent.

      – UNM ’98 was a fun trip with some friends. Always took me 10 hours to drive. Got there in 6. Crashed at my parent’s house.

      – I don’t remember much about a TCU game or the Armed Forces Bowl when I was in TX for grad school. Kind of blended in my mind.

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      Ute Fan

      My first hostile road game as a kid was the 2003 game at Colorado St. Also went to that Louisville game a few years later. Hard to pick one but I have some pretty fond memories at Michigan, The Swamp, both Washingtons, both Oregons, and of course the two LA Stadiums. Go Utes!

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        Ute Fan

        Ooh, forgot CSU. We lived in Ft. Collins and my sister brought some friends from Utah (got stuck the night before on I-80 due to closure). It was 20 deg at kickoff, but it was not broadcast and both teams ran the clock so I think it was done in less than 2 hours 30 minutes. Longest stoppage was to tell the knucklehead students to stop throwing snowballs onto the field. Hot chocolate was cold chocolate by the time the cup was half empty.

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      Ute Fan

      Stanford. Playing there was such a relaxed and pleasant experience. Pretty little humble stadium. Fans are all so genteel and mild mannered that it hardly feels like an away game. Was easy to get up close to the team.

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      Ute Fan

      Sugar Bowl #1, Notre Dame #2, first USC game in the Colosseum #3 because it said that “we have arrived.”

      Worst: U of A, Cal, anything at Sam Boyd Stadium.

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