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      One Thing I’ve learned about Whitt whatching over the years is He Holds Grudges. This ASU game is going to be a bladbath. Especially after they beat us this year. I know many of you are over talking about JD and that’s fine it is what it is. But Whitt and the fan base overall are not over it and it will be very apparent when they play. I;m not talking about cheap shots or Personal fouls. But I pray Daniels earns the jod and as a trush frosh has to play our D in RES. His comments that he made on the thread below will come back to get him more than anything else. That said we move on and whatever happens happens. 

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      Puget Ute
      Ute Fan

      The game this year was very close at  the point Tyler Huntley went down (21-20, with Utah driving).  Had the freak turnover not happened the score would likely have been 28-14 at that point.  And that was with ASU having a SR QB, and 1st round NFL WR, and a very solid RB.

      Next year is going to be a serious beatdown.  And I can’t wait to see which of their 9 QBs transfer.

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      Ute Fan

      I thought this bit from the article on Daniels was interesting:

      he’ll be the highest-rated recruit to join the program since receiver N’Keal Harry (No. 53) came to the school in 2016, and the highest-rated ASU quarterback since Brady White (No. 68) inked with the Sun Devils in 2015.

      Remember Brady White and how many times he decimated opponents in the Pac12? Me neither. Apparently he is now with Memphis. My point is that recruiting is an inexact science. JD may be great, he may get stuck on the depth chart. I wish he had signed with Utah, but he didn’t, so be it.

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      I hear what you’re saying. I’ve noticed that about Whittingham too. 

      Maybe Daniels is a player, maybe not. I’m pretty much over it now because I, like many of you, have a life to get back to. 

      One thing I know is that if Daniels plays he will have to play against the Ute Defense. That should be fun to see. 

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