Whitt said that Cory Butler-Byrd will also see action on offense. WOOT WOOT!

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      Ute Fan

      TRIPLE THREAT: Whittingham said that cornerback Cory Butler-Byrd, who was moved to defense from wide receiver during camp, will also see action on offense this season. He’s a major contributor on special teams, too, as evidenced by his 98-yard kickoff return for a touchdown against Fresno State.

      “He’s playing good defense for us right now. Obviously, he’s a weapon in the return game,” Whittingham said. “And so the next step in that progression is to see if he can help us on offense. That’ll happen at some point in the season.”


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      Ute Fan

      Does Domo’s return have anything to do with this (enabling not forcing since we’ve got 3 CBs we’re comfortable with) or is it just the recognition we need more help at WR?

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        I would guess both

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          I would further guess that in means Tim Patrick may not be walking through that door anytime soon. Maybe the same with Raylen Singleton? I wan’t to stress that this is nothing more than a guess by me. I’m pretty sure Tim Patrick did not travel with the team to Fresneck.

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            I was having the same thought. If Singleton and Patrick are no goes, guys like Byrd and Hatfield might get a shot at offense for nothing other than their ability to be physical in blocking.

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        Summit Ute
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        What a great steal for the offense….too soon?

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      This is great news. Dynamic playmakers and getting them some space is what needs to be done. Hope Wilson is healthy.

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      Having a WR who can stretch the field is a good thing. Even if it is mostly used as a decoy. A CB and / or a safety will have to cover him (or at least think about him) which can open things up for the run game.

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      Ute Fan

      While this idea is very cool I wouldn’t get our hopes up too much. Butler-Byrd is listed as a starting CB. If he was a backup I’d be more confident we’d see him more. I doubt we see much of him on offense at all.

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        Utes need a deep threat Oregon is going to key on Booker all game. You have to punish a safety over the top eventually.

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          I wonder why we havent seen more of Fulks

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      On CBB’s Instagram account this summer, he posted quite a few videos of him running routes and WR drills and he looked really good and quick. Would love to see him get a chance on offense. It can’t be any worse than what we already have.

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        At the beginning of fall camp he was a WR. So he’s got some reps under his belt. Later, he asked to be given a shot at CB and he stuck there.

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          Tacoma Ute
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          He’s stated quite emphatically that he is much more comfortable at CB. I’d love to see him play both though. It would help our offense and it would give him more on field time now that Domo is back.

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        2 of 3 key items needed to a good receiver.

        I wonder how his hands are.


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