Will elevation be a factor?

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        Ute Fan

        University of Utah 4,650′ ASL

        University of Washington 500′ ASL

        I don’t think it will bother the skill guys as much as Udub’s massive DTs Who’s job it is to occupy blocks and let the LBs make all the tackles. 

        If Utah can run the ball like they did at Cal 50+ times a game Qualls and Gaines won’t be able to keep up and that’s a major part of Udub’s Defensive gameplan.

        Arizona ran for 308 yards and Oregon 230 respectively 

        Washington will no doubt stack the box to stop Willams and Moss the way they did McCaffrey of Stanford but Stanford had a terrible QB who they have since benched.

        Utah is gonna need a big game from Troy Williams he needs to run enough to keep Washington honest and no turnovers. 


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        Tony (admin)

        I doubt it.

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        Riot West
        Ute Fan

        Those bickering twerps on the Washington board went back and forth about elevation versus altitude.

        My take is keep their defense running around on the field early. By the third quarter, they’ll be sucking wind.

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        If Utah can sustain drives it might be factor slightly. But it will mostly be the fact that Utah sustained drives. Elevation mostly seems to bother Andy who is better at altitudes vs sea level.

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        Ute Fan

        the Utah oline seems to dominate the second half of games.

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        Ute Fan

        It’s hard to read too much into the rushing yards Worshinton as given up, especially against AZ. Most of those rushing yards came from the QB running around with his hair on fire. That does not tell us whether or not Worshington can handle our counter run game.

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