With Jenkins coming over from UNLV, how many scholarships do we have open now?

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      Ute Fan

      I can’t remember but did Worster from USU commit officially? Also with Gabe Madsen signing, how many more guys can we sign?

      I know Timmy Allen is gone, but if he actually came back, this team might just make the tournament.

      Any guesses on who else we might sign?

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      Ute Dub
      Ute Fan

      I’ve heard people on the pay for sites say put Timmy put of your mind, he’s gone. But they haven’t explained why. My question is about Jantunen. Is he going back to euro pro ball?

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      Ute Fan

      It’s hard to say how many scholarships are available as the roster is still in a bit of flux. There still may be another current player or two leaving.

      Jantunen may return home to play pro ball.

      Jones is in wait and see mode. He’s wants to see what kind of Coaches and players Smith brings in before he makes his final decision.

      Brenchley will be recruited around by Smith with incoming transfers. I’ve heard priority #1 for smith was bringing in better athletes. Brenchley may choose he’s ok being an end of the bench guy or not and leave. We need to remember scholarships are 1 year at a time and Smith may choose not to give him another one if he can find someone better

      Allen has been very very frustrated these last two years and is just looking for a fresh start. Every CBB player wants to play in the tournament. They want to experience March madness so I’d be surprised if he doesn’t go to a team that isn’t a lock to get an invite next year. I’ve heard 20 P5 teams have contacted him including many from the Pac12.

      I think we’ll here some more news on players and the third assistant this week.

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        Ute Fan

        Short answer is two currently. If Allen and Jantunan are truly gone, then its four. The advance notice that Allen has left the stadium is too great to discount. Then, if Larsson leaves, its five. I really hope that rumor is untrue.

        Utah will likely add another guard if Larsson leaves, maybe two if an absolute gem wants to be a Ute. The rest of the rooster will be devoted to bigs who can rebound.

        2021-2022 will be an interesting season. If Craig Smith and his staff are all that are advertised, the team of parts will be better than many now expect.

        By the way, Smith has hired a USU guy to be direction of operations, Jones’ fathers former position.

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      Ute Fan

      Unfortunately Timmy will not be back.  Larsson and Jantunen also both plan to leave and head back to Europe.  That could be announced soon.  There is some hope for a couple guys to come back, but we will see.  Craig Smith is a nice, great dude, but these guys are going to wait and see.  Fingers crossed over here.  We have talent, we just need to release it a bit more. 

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        Ute Fan

        I was very bullish about the talent we finished the year with. We could’ve been very good if it all rolled over to new management.

        SO much is out the door though… bummer. Such is life with a coaching change… and a free transfer pass…

        I’m officially toning down my expectations. Time to sit back and enjoy the journey.

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          Ute Fan

          @ute2 from what I’ve heard this exodus would have been the same or worse with Larry still at the helm.

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            Ute Fan

            I believe it.

            It’s in no way an indictment on smith.

            Just sad that all the talent I was drooling over is moving on…

            On to bigger and better things though!!

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