With Penn State and Alabama losing we're will the Utes be in CFP?

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      Or does it hurt that Utah had a bye this week? This will be interesting.

      Note:I do know how to spell where.

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      Just win out and I will be happy regardless. 

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      It helps massively. Utah’s bye is irrelevant. What matters is what happens after championship week. This whole conversation is assuming Utah and Oregon wins out plus Utah beats Oregon.

      Alabama will be sitting on a bad schedule with Auburn likely their only good win. With no CCG appearance of conference championship. They will be leap frogged.

      Same story with Penn State. Leapfrogged.

      So it doesn’t matter if they stay ahead for now. The damage is long term

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      Tacoma Ute
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      Unfortunately the Bama game is far from over.

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      Well, either LSU or Alabama was going to get a loss either way.  No effect.

      The Penn State thing is interesting because Minn has a weak schedule but their remaining schedule includes Wisconsin and also Iowa and Northwestern on the road, and if they continue to win they can no longer be ignored.  They don’t have the Penn St pedigree so they’re in the same boat as Utah in that regard.

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      We will be ahead of PSU but I think still behind Bama. Pretty sure Clemson moves to #3, then Georgia #4, Oregon #5, Bama #6, Utes #7… if Okla wins big they might jump us too… truth is we are still only marginally in the national consciousness, but positioned to have a shot if we beat Oregon and have one more domino ahead of us fall…

      If you don’t believe me, rewatch GameDay from this morning and watch everyone else’s reaction when Corso brings Utah up in the CFP race….

      Edit: FOX at halftime of OU/ISU just gave their projected Week 2 CFP rankings and it is exactly my order above, including having Oklahoma jump us…

      EDIT2: well FOX halftime crew, this is why you wait until all 60 min are complete before voting… highly doubt Sooners jump us after that performance.

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      Penn St. Will drop behind the Utes but Minnesota might move in front. Baylor may move up as well. Bama will drop to 5 or 6 so Utah will either stay at 8 or drop to 9.

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