Your potential 10 AM kicks.

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      with Utah and Colorado being in the earlier time zone, it makes me wonder if we’ll see more of these than the Pacific Time Zone schools?  Cause 10 A.M. sounds early, but 9 A.M. is ridiculous.

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        10am is redic. 9am is f**king terrible

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      Interesting read.  My  favorite quote:

      Potentially alluring matchup on several fronts, short flight and extra hour for the visitor, and the likelihood that Utah fans would show in force at any hour, any day.

      I like the reputation for our fan base. As per the link, I will be there any hour any day… but would definitely prefer a bit later in the day. As per comparing it to a night game… if asked to choose between an 8:30pm start or a 10:00am start… I might choose the 10:00… especially in November.

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        I’ll choose morning games every time. Then I can take my 6 year old. The late games are a no go.


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          That is a great point. I personally don’t want to take my young kids to that late of a game. How are we creating future fans if they are not exposed to the game?  More likely to take kids to the earlier games and create memories that create a lasting impact.  

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          What wrong with a breakfast tailgate with c**ktails and then tailgate after the game with your satelite TV.

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      Image result for i'm loving it

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