• There’d be a little more optimism if we had beat Stanford, but even then most of us wouldn’t be expecting to beat USC on the road. There’d also be more rah rah if we were playing ASU this week instead.

    I still think we can finish in the top 25 and we’ll battle USC and maybe even win this week.

  • We’ll see who wins the practice battle this week. Troy still has the opportunity to earn it. I don’t think he has a confidence problem. He put up almost his PAC 12 averages from last year, except for his TD/INT numbers. Bateman is an unknown, but if he can complete 60% of his passes he gives us a better chance to win… I don’t think the coaches…[Read more]

  • Over the next couple weeks we’ll get a good idea on how effective he is at adapting the offense to our personnel and coaching up our QBs. He’s got to figure out how to get the ball out of TW’s hand faster(if he’s still the QB), and he’s got to adjust things to how our pass protection has been. At least the Stanford game showed us what we need to…[Read more]

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    It drives me crazy that we’ve slowed the pace so much since Huntley went down. It would be hard for any QB to get in rhythm when we go so slow and give the D a rest between every play.

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    I don’t see us beating USC even if healthy. They aren’t as good as last year, but idk that our O is strong enough to give us an edge. With some luck this could be our USC W last year, or Oregon the year before, or USC and UCLA in 2014.

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    I think we go 4-3. We’ll beat ASU, CU, UCLA, and Oregon. I could see us stealing a W against WSU if things go right.

    We should’ve beat Stanford but it at least pointed out the areas where we need to make adjustments to beat a quality opponent.

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