• Desmond Howard is a complete clown of an analyst. He just said that Colorado is going to stack the box and make Huntley beat them with his arm. He has been beating PAC-12 team’s asses all season with his arm. Not to mention that a stacked box hasn’t done much to contain Moss all season. Desmond Howard makes his comments as though Huntley isn’t one…[Read more]

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    Seems like there is blame to be shared all over the place tonight. 16 penalties for 120 yards is unacceptable. That shows that you were not ready for the biggest stage. The defensive scheme to play man-to-man was just dumb, and exposed our secondary, with emphasis on Blackmon. Our offensive line was pushed around tonight by virtually one player;…[Read more]

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    Eric Weddle took a knee from McCaffrey while trying to tackle him. The blow looked like it left him knocked out and was bleeding pretty bad when he finally got his helmet off. Hate to see it and hope nothing but the best as he recovers.

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