• I agree that was a key turning point in the game. Simply put, he overthrew his receiver. It was a mistake. Had we gone down the field and scored again, changes the whole complexion of the game. Maybe the fumble and injury never take place. Also feel like the refs missed an easy call when the USC defender shoved Rising in the face. Might have…[Read more]

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    With all due respect, why would you post misinformation about a players injury status based on “it sounds like.” It is highly irresponsible. The injury is not what you are stating and the chance of a full recovery much sooner than what you insinuate is far more likely than not. It’s terrible that you had to endure such a long and painful proce…[Read more]

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    While your input is usually spot on and you’re a great source of information to this site, the diagnosis you have provided is not fully accurate. While the injury is definitely a tough one in terms of recovery time and especially for a throwing athlete, Cameron will be back 100% healthy. What you saw on Saturday didn’t even scratch the surface of…[Read more]

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