• YES. Defense is young and getting better. Vaki was a nice addition to support the LB weakness in the box. Utes should be able to run all over UofA, pass too!

  • Interested to see what moving to the SEC does for Texas and OU as schools. Texas A&M ten years in the SEC, minus the covid season (outlier year IMO) they have ended the season ranked #5 (first season 2012), #16 and #18 in two other seasons. Seven seasons ending out of the Top 25. Sure they’ve made more money and spent heavy booster cash to…[Read more]

  • Might go down as the most confusing string of posts on Utehub ever :). Utes make it through the next three games victorious before Oregon then I will pay more attention to what options are shaping up. November is the month of survive on move on. Go Utes!

  • Same sentiments for me. What made last year special was what the team went through to get there. 2004, 2008, 2021 is the order for me. Agree with Utebacker’s point, the combination of transfer portal and NIL with no oversight or contractual agreements is a killer for a team like Utah. Do not blame the players one bit. A lot of these kids come from…[Read more]

  • Utah is already feeling it in recruiting. In a previous interview with Riley earlier in the season, KW mentioned the first thing out of higher level recruits during visits is NIL. As mentioned by others, enjoy every minute of this season. The off-season could get ugly quick for Utah in recruiting and current players on the team Utah has developed.…[Read more]

  • Trailgoat replied to the topic Sunday morning coach in the forum Football 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    UCLA came to play and Utah did not show up. I do agree on all three of your points including the onside kick suggestion. UCLA averaged 34 yards per KO return. Onside kick it or at least on the ground kick through the front KO line would have been about a wash in yardage.

    One thing standing out to me from yesterday is the talent level UCLA has…[Read more]

  • Dline and LBs are not good. The loss of Tafua, Lloyd and Sewell is proving bigger than I thought. Utes have big issues at LB with talent and depth, no real LB depth in training other than Barton.

  • Thought I was losing it. What a joke. SLing was my fist trial. Dumping it tomorrow. Trying Fubu then YouTube TV next.

  • Tough situation getting hurt so early in the season. I know this won’t be a popular Utah take. If it’s an option, Kuithe may be better off entering the transfer portal going to a school like USC, or a higher profile SEC team next season for better exposure. Honestly, I am not sure he’s getting the optimal WR type coaching and exposure at Utah to…[Read more]

  • Every season hoping Utah is holding back some sort of secret plays that IMO never seem to come out unless you pull out ten years worth in one game the Utes did against Oregon in Eugene. I guess the hand off-pitch back-huck to a covered Vele is the recent go to, over used trick play. I would not expect to see anything much different from Utah than…[Read more]

  • P12 Network works for me. With all the bootleg streaming access, game is easy to find if you don’t have P12 network. As a fan, would rather watch the P12 crews than Gilmore, Papadankis, Herbstreit/Fowler, etc. The ESPN and Fox clowns know very little about the P12 teams other than USC they are broadcasting, mispronounce player names, and don’t add…[Read more]

  • Scott Mitchell summed it up on KSL Sports Zone (see below). Google it or check Twitter for the sound version.  
    “I am not interested in moral victories. I am so tired of hearing everybody say give Florida credit. Bull crap, you all stunk in that game. It had nothing to do with Florida.”
    Sly said some good stuff as well on KALL 700. I get the…[Read more]

  • Trailgoat replied to the topic arm chair QB since 1972 in the forum Football 3 months ago

    Good points. Utah is zero threat outside the hash marks. All the WR hype is just that. Utah media is also afraid to point out KWs glaring inability to make sound coaching decisions in close games against good teams and good head coaches. Napier a young, relatively new coach out coaching an experienced coach should never happen. KW did it multiple…[Read more]

  • Trailgoat started the topic Florida, moving on. in the forum Football 3 months ago

    Pains me to admit I re-watched the Florida game. Definitely a different view the second time around minus the family screaming, food and drinks flying. A lot of what we all know. Not in any order of importance. Overall, the P12 is Utah’s to lose. Having USC, OSU, Stanford, and UA at home is huge. Biggest challenge may be UCLA and WSU on the road.…[Read more]

  • Trailgoat replied to the topic Another big game loss in the forum Football 3 months ago

    End of game coaching in close games has been a blind spot for KW throughout his career.

  • Trailgoat replied to the topic Florida in the forum Football 3 months ago

    Agree, KW again struggles coaching down the end in another close game against a team Utah should have beat. This has been a blind spot for him throughout his career. No score inside the 10 yard line with 1st down two times. Some odd coaching decisions on the road as mentioned difference in the game.

    Defense line has some issues. Barton looks like…[Read more]

  • Trailgoat replied to the topic Onlyu in the forum Football 3 months, 1 week ago

    Napier does not want Richardson running the ball ad lib all day. UF has zero depth at QB right now. Sure they want to beat Utah, not at the expense of losing their QB before SEC play. Keeping Richardson healthy for SEC play is the priority. This game means a hell of lot more to Utah than Florida. Agree, Napier is a run heavy coach. Utah shuts down…[Read more]

  • Looking forward to see how the Utah coaching staff step up their game at the same level put on their players. 
    How does KW coach at the end of close games against good coaches and teams? An area IMO he has struggled with in key games during his tenure. To an extent, we saw some of this in the Rose Bowl. I get other factors in play with Rising…[Read more]

  • Trailgoat replied to the topic Bugs 🦟🦟 in the forum Football 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Why not have all the players wear bug screens over their helmets and camelbacks during the game :)? So the way everybody talks Florida players seem to be immune to the dehydration affect of heat and humidity. Would not be surprised to see Utah go no huddle on the first drive and in certain field positions throughout the game knowing Florida’s…[Read more]

  • Not at all confident. Would not surprise me at all if UF blocks a punt or runs a KO back for a TD and overall big return yardage. Same kicker struggles kicking touch backs at the RES. Utah KO return coverage and punt team were awful all season. Did not get fixed all season costing Utah the Rose Bowl, no reason to believe to anything has changed…[Read more]

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