• Bernard is a damn good back and he runs heavier than he looks. Hopefully Money or another portal kid steps in to help carry the load. Bernard is not an every down back in Utahs offense. I have ZERO confidence in the pass game being any better. The Oline is just flat out horrible at pass blocking against the better teams in the P12. QB, well of…[Read more]

  • Lloyd will get good consult on his draft value. IMHO, as a couch rider coach, Kuithe needs at least one more full year with a QB that can consistently throw him a pass. At the moment, looks like Utah is stacking up on guys that can get it done at QB. Fun times!

  • Trailgoat replied to the topic Ja'Quinden Jackson in the forum Football 4 months ago

    Agree. Load up on as many top level QBs as possible and let it play out. The transfer portal turns out is as much a crap shoot as JC. Bentley has improved. Is he going to get it done against the top dogs in the P12? No coach really wants to throw his true Frosh QB to the wolves. I wish these kids would exercise some patience and enjoy the journey…[Read more]

  • Hubert’s back. Others Vaughn, Latu, Renfro? Don’t know enough about the young guys. Seems Hubert is more than capable and recovered to jump back in the next two years based on his play from last year.
    Good for Ritchie, full respect to him. Mission kids at skill positions seem to need a conditioning year when they return.

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    Based on the Ute media groupies, did not seem Utah recruited Dart very hard. Good luck to the kid at USC if that’s where he goes to play football. He will have some serious high talent California competition.

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    At this point, bowl game is a zero-sum game for the players. Kids have been through enough adversity and lock down with the Covid mitigation fatigue. Bentley is showing more consistency and clearly the new Frosh on the oline are coming together. Defense is becoming rock solid. Play the last game next week, end on a good note, and give the team a…[Read more]

  • No question the defense will be kick ass next year, especially “IF” Lloyd sticks around. Would agree about next year if the QB position was more stable. Rising throwing shoulder injury was a big hit. I wish KW would just pick a QB and go with him. Clearly, whoever the three incoming Frosh replaced on the oline tells me the Utes are getting solid…[Read more]

  • No secret how to stifle Utah’s offense right now. CU will try to contain the run as best as they can and force Utah to make plays in the air with man uo coverage on Utahs WRs. If Bentley can make some plays and the Oline can pass block, Utes can win this game.

    If Utah gets the QB and Oline positions on track Utes could be back in the hunt for…[Read more]

  • His hands must hurt from all the catches. USC took their foot of the gas in the second half as well.

  • 2008 was a fun/special season. KWs one conference championship in 16 years as head coach at Utah. McBride; 2 conference champs in 13 years as Utah’s HC. Meyer 2 conference championships in 2 years as Utah’s HC.

  • How about a 1st down in the 4th quarter against one of the lower lever, smaller defenses in the P12? Not bagging on Bentley. Is it too much to ask a seasoned SEC QB to come in as a transfer and make an immediate impact. The point of these transfers is to make an immediate impact.

    I don’t know what the answers are, that’s what the mulit-million…[Read more]

  • Agree, Jordan and run game looked better. Probably as much to do with OS defense not at the level of UW or USC. However the guys from last year got replaced by the three freshman on the oline really does make them young so they will continue to get better. Jordan, Brumfield, Bernard are looking good.

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    Hate to say Utes may lose Ennis and Thompson as well if these guys are working to go to the NFL. Wasted talent while Utes try to figure out the offense issues. Outside the run game, Utah’s offense looks confused.

  • Good question, Utah is evidently now “young” on the Oline with three Frosh starting or some version. No disrespect to your post, at this point does it really matter? There’s ten days left in the season for Utah. Maybe some sort of consolation game during the week of the P12 Conference Championship game. I doubt that game ends up happening anyway…[Read more]

  • No question Utah out recruits BYU on defense. Agree, ZW would be dumb to stay next Fall. Utah has a young defense that will be rock solid in the years to come. Utah may out recruit BYU in some areas of offense.

    IMO couch riding fan opinion, BYU recruits better at Oline and QB, for the moment anyway and has an established offensive system that…[Read more]

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    Kind of figured it was a musical chairs situation with the Covid impact. Upside is the new guys are getting reps for next year making for a lot of depth and competition for starting positions.

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    The entire Oline situation has been a bit of a mystery. I don’t pay attention to all the details other than what the media and coaches say. So the coaches and their hired media hitmen rave how good the Oline was suppose to be before the season starts. The Covid weirdness sets in and all of sudden there are three Freshman starting on the Oline and…[Read more]

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    Indeed. Overlooked is the first half success was as much about UW a sleep at the wheel in the first half. Had UW played a full game I am afraid this would have been a blow out loss. Utah turnovers, failed 4th down conversion, and no half time adjustments did in the Utes in the 2nd half.

  • Agree UB. I think it started with Colorado as well. Utah’s deep passes in the UC game occurred when Huntley broke out of pressure dumping it off to ZM or the big heave to Kuithe. Texas, USC, and UW followed suit with better athletes to ramp up the pass rush and lock down the WRs.

    I presume OS will try the same. Utah’s WRs get ZERO respect from…[Read more]

  • Agree AZUTE. Convert on 4th down no fumble, this thread would not exist. I do not agree with KW being all secretive about naming the starter like it makes a difference in preparation for the opposing team. Come out with it and show everyone that you’re confident in your guy at QB. Kids love the media hype. Especially this year, being coy about…[Read more]

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