• Solid post. I don’t recall Big Rick losing by double digit points many times or ever losing by 20+ points. If and when it happened he would go completely balistic. Bottom line, this years team is playing worse BB than they did the first half of the season. Two more games to get this season over with and move on to the Spring transfer watch. Go Utes!

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    Agree. IMHO, Pace’s banter and “Eddy Haskel” (sp) internet persona is a bit more entertaining than a three page thread on Ute fans and their love-hate relationship with BYU.

    Thanks Tony for putting together a solid-entertaining message board for us wild Ute fans :)!
    Go Utes!

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    To be fair. CU exposed Utah’s weakness on offense in a good part of that game setting the tone for Oregon to do what they did shutting down Utah’s offense putting to test Utah’s defense. Second half a different story in the CU game. Utah’s defense was in a funk in the UO game. Not going to concede to UO being tougher than Utah. Bowl game…blah.…[Read more]

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    Scalley will be as good to start and better over time than KW because of the succession plan and where the program will be when he takes over. Have to believe coach KW would not want it any other way and will be there for him behind the curtain. Agree on Herm. He’s gone in 2-3 years if not sooner. Utah has national respect.

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    Watched most of the game. Soooo much improved from last year. Agree on FOGO. Makes one quick play too significant to the outcome of the game for teams with elite FOGOs who do nothing but face-off, similar to a kicker in football.

    College LAX is quite progressive so may not be long for a change like the shot clock, etc comes out. A lot of Frosh…[Read more]

  • Agree. Utah Lacrosse is the up and coming Spring sport along with softball and gymnastics. Complete waste of money. Announce an end date give the players time to find new schools with no transfer penalty.

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    Link pretty much sums it up.

  • Spring: Lacrosse and Spring football.

  • Agree. I have enjoyed the competitive growth the Utah Olympic and other sports are having in the P12 outside of football and BB.

    Refreshing to checkout a LAX game, Gymnastics meet or other sports where the coaches are not grossly over paid and fun to watch with more purity of the sport still present.

  • Book it for the next 5 years. Four play-off teams some combination of Clemson, LSU, Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia. Maybe an occasional Big 12 team to get blasted by one of the SEC teams.
    P12 is not even close to any of the above 5 teams. Oregon to be the mainstay at the Rose Bowl.  Crazy how athletic, fast and well coached Clemson and LSU were…[Read more]

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    Big measurement is retaining players. LK needs to be served notice if the player purge happens again this year. A little tired as a paying fan listening to the media squawk about how lucky Utah is to have KW and LK as coaches.

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    Paris Warren

  • Agree X2. Gravity of the two losses and all the media hype leading up to the P12 Championship over shadowed for the most part a great season. CU exposed some of Utah’s vulnerability on offense. The San Antonio trip seemed good for the team to have five days of fun together one more time. Hard to stay motivated to play at a high level after the…[Read more]

  • Coach Erickson’s impact cannot be understated. Utah would not be where they are today without him. Could argue he helped keep KW employed during his time at Utah. Before the last two years (a result of his recruiting), Utah’s only winning records in the P12 was when he DE was on staff. No coincidence Utah had some offensive success when he was on…[Read more]

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    Moss made the Oline look better than they were. ZMs stat of most yards after first hit/missed tackle is telling. He was constantly muscling out of hits in the backfield. He was amazing and will do well in the NFL.

    Oline gets the coach speak pass for being “young” as we’ve heard from the coaches as an excuse this year. They really did not improve…[Read more]

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    Agree. Mind boggling why Utah does not have a QB sneak in the play book. Roll Rising out there if there’s fear of TH getting hurt, getting the snap, or whatever the concern is not to run it. Maybe Ludwig does not have confidence in the Oline getting the yard on a QB sneak. Regardless, seems odd. The initial Oregon 4th down same thing. The A gap…[Read more]

  • Hard to put much energy into the outcome of these holiday bowl games outside of the Rose Bowl and play-off. Seems Utahs pinnacle of success has been winning the P12 South. Glad the players were able to spend 4-5 days together having fun outside of football. TH’s comment summed it up, good for the kids that took a leap and chose Utah. On to next…[Read more]

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    Agree. ASU is a tough team to cheer for in football or BB. P12 reputation has been having a slow death for the past 10 years. USC and UCLA desperately hang on to their storied past success in football-basketball. A generation of fans is passing by since USCs ten year 1996-2006ish era of football supremacy. Utah’s beat down from Oregon was a…[Read more]

  • The past 10 years of poor leadership on offense has been a huge barrier to recruiting. DEs short stent as a consultant and Ludwig’s coming back home to retire is why Utah has had recent offensive success. Utah’s marginal recruiting in certain position groups, WR, OL, LB, QB (improving with Ludwig) is a notable reason for the talent gap and lack of…[Read more]

  • I know it’s Ryan Leaf and he does a great job in the booth. Man, maybe it’s my shitty TV, but he sounds a lot like Will Ferrel tonight. Could be the Bourbon…Go Utes!

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