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Why fewer blitzes?

Here’s a thought from Coach Whitt’s Tuesday conference


Fewer blitzes were a considered choice to prioritize alignments and speed vs. spread attacks. Have a listen and see what you think.

Bonus info: A Rod said in his interview that they were a play away from playing Brandon Cox in Fresno–sounds like he might be sitting behind Kendall for reps.


  • 89ute

    Interesting about Cox, didn’t see that coming. Thanks for reporting that. I can’t listen to the interview at work.

  • Tacoma Ute

    Good news for me. I’ve been wanting Cox to get his chance. He seems to be a forgotten disrespected man.

  • MTM

    Yeah. I know Chase seems to be the future but I’ve also heard directly from a coach’s mouth (off the record) that Connor Manning has looked really sharp too.
    And if Cox can stay healthy he’s got the tools.

  • Tony

    Kyle wasn’t happy with the “losing every Pac-12 season opener” question, was he?

    • Tacoma Ute

      That’s good. I think he coaches better when he’s a little miffed.

  • TorontoUte

    I’d love to see what Cox can do! I hope we see him

    • bopahull

      I don’t want to see Cox or Manning this week. because unless we’re boat racing Oregon . it means something terribly bad has happened. How likely do you think Utah blowing out the Ducksis Not very IMHO.

  • Ute Gnome

    I hate wishing my life away….

    but damn I wish it was Saturday night already!!

  • Wilson's Mustache

    I find myself doing this. It feels like the entire weeks is just a build up to saturday’s game.

    I’m okay with this.

  • NorthEZUte

    I know, I woke up today thinking it was Friday and when I realized it wasn’t there was dread. I love waking up early on Saturday morning with a big bowl of cereal watching College GameDay. It’s like cartoons for adults.

    • Ute Gnome

      I did the exact same thing! And it isn’t just the Utah game. I love watching all the games leading up to ours. It is truly like Christmas!

  • mr_urson

    JaQuori McLaughlin

    looks like he will decide tomorrow, twitter seems to think oregon st.

  • Wilson's Mustache

    Not if he had watched “the Drive” last night

    • mr_urson

      if only, im nervous about our current years class

  • Damage U

    Twitter was right. Beavs win.

    • Maybe Utah is using the wrong brand of candy bars. They should branch out and try Cadbury or something. No one turns down a Turkish Delight.

  • bigmanUTE

    I’ve never seen the utes struggle so immensely on the recruiting front. apparently all that momentum i thought the utes would have from last season and the new facility have absolutely zero sway on recruits thus far.

  • Red Dawn

    Chase Hansen

    When will we see more of him? I was hoping that the Fresno game would be a good opportunity to see him, at least in the 4th quarter. Wilson isn’t a world beater, and Thompson makes me cringe every time he throws the ball (though he is a great runner). With both of these guys being seniors, I would think giving Hansen as much real game experience would be a priority. Yes, winning the game is 1st, but situations like last week are great opportunities to get him some experience.

  • mr_urson

    guarantee the game plan last week was to get him in the 4th quarter, but the defense decided to give up 3 tds so they had to keep Thompson in

  • Well I think Wilson will keep games close so with him as starter Hansen will probably only see the field in situation plays.

    Against Fresno St that was trademark Thompson. The game would have been very close if not for the defense scoring and special teams. Thompson literally had nothing to do with the outcome of the game other than making it closer than it needed to me. Redzone interception? Uggh and the exchange? When that exchange happened I was still stunned he was in the game. Hansen could have been in making those mistakes and I would have been fine with it. Thompson is a senior.

    I think it just goes to show the continued mishandling of the MOST important position in football. BUT..a big BUT it isn’t the most important position for this team.

  • oc_ute

    aside from situational plays……… the only way he gets action this year is if there’s a blowout one way or the other

  • Henry Johnston

    Jake and Tony

    I’m probably just being overly sensitive, but it seems whenever I listen to Jake and Tony on 1280 they are always a bit snarky about the U. If anyone criticizes them they respond with something like “those crazy fans out there” and act as if they’re totally innocent.

    Yeah….you’re right……..I’m probably just overly sensitive.

  • SouthJordanUte

    I totally agree. I’ve come to the conclusion that Jake is just a snarky person in general. They are my least favorite show on 1280 though. Those two just talk like everyone else is dumb and they’re god’s gift to the world or something.

    • javadave

      Jake is a TDS alumn, so it’s no surprise.

      • Astute Ute

        I’m pretty sure Jake went to Utah. I may be wrong…I don’t really listen to anything but Bill and OC anymore, Gunther is funny. Quickly loses my attention though.

        • Jake

          That’s a fact, Jack.

          • UtahUteGuy

            Or, in your case, “That’s a fact, Jake.”

  • Ute Bc

    Never heard of them. Not being snarky…

    • Henry Johnston

      You’re better off for it.

    • Tacoma Ute

      It still boggles my mind why any Ute fan listens to any of these.

  • Hockeybeard

    1280’s entire take on any reaction to their content has been to get defensive and make fun of the complaints. Frankly, I haven’t turned on 1280 for a few week – even Scotty and Hans with the whole 60in60 thing got on my nerves with how butthurt they were over the complaints.

    Gunther’s 1320 Pac12 PowerPoll + BYU + USU is actually a little funny, since they are making fun of the fact that they are including BYU and USU into the poll. Gunther ranted about how BYU fans wanted him to forget they lost last week and rank them higher…good comedy.

    • Tacoma Ute

      I started listening to Bill & OC on 700 a few weeks back. They keep it mostly Utes, until later in the show when they get into soccer. At that point I turn the radio off for the day.

      I refuse to turn my dial to the zoobfests on 1280 and 1320.

  • The joke is that people(you) keep listening to them. That is why it is amusing to them. People LOVE to feed the trolls.

  • UteBacker

    I’m from St. George. Last week on the drive home from a business trip to SLC I heard the Pac12 PowerPoll and was confused as hell as to why BYU was in there. After I heard the explanation I promptly switched over to a national college football podcast. We don’t really have a local sports radio show in St. George (unless you care about Pineview Volleyball) and after listening to 1320 I’m glad we don’t have one.

    Besides all that, it makes more sense to do a MWCPoll + BYU doesn’t it?

  • utahpunk

    I don’t know what windbags I caught on my way home from fishing yesterday, but they had Trevor Reiley on, and aside from asking him about his near sack on MNF, they asked him a string of questions about BYU. Talk about insulting. If I were Trevor I would have said, ‘this s**t’s done’ and hung up. Why invite a former player on only ask him a bunch of questions about the ‘other’ team, you know, the one he didn’t play for? Seems like an insulting way to treat a former player.

  • Hockeybeard

    I’m gonna cross-post what I said in another thread, because I believe it is pertinent:

    Local Media Formula for Instant Ratings:
    – Do any 1 of the following 4 items, they are listed in order of importance,
    1) Praise and Congratulate BYU on any accomplishment, no matter how minor – treat it as if it is unique to BYU;
    2) Discredit allegations, or spin away negative news about BYU, no matter how major – treat it as if it is something every school does;
    3) Discredit any accomplishment Utah is able to do, no matter how major – treat it as if it is a “dime a dozen” type accomplishment;
    4) Compare any favorable news about Utah that is unable to be discredited to something similar that BYU has accomplished, no matter how far back in the past – treat it as if both schools are good, but BYU has been better longer.
    And BOOM just like that you have instant SLC Media Market success…
  • UteBacker

    They probably were trying to stir up some controversy knowing that Trevor usually speaks his mind. For some reason our local radio hacks get off on that kind of thing (I wish local fans of all schools would quite falling for it). At this point I avoid local radio and newspapers. I can get all the information I’m interested in (and then some) from UteHub, UFN, BlockU, etc.

  • MTM

    I almost never tune into local radio anymore except Bill and OC.
    I leave the radio on 700 AM all day.
    I’d rather listen to Dan Le Batard than the local hacks.

  • THEeyepatch

    I believe I touched on this yesterday, so why even bother listening to a media outlet that panders solely to a certain fan base that isn’t The University of Utah. It’s pathetic and when Utah WINS tomorrow I can almost hear DJ @ PK, and/or Monson saying, “What a great win for Utah BUT… Oregon didn’t have Marcus Mariota and/or the Oregon defense wasn’t very good” while when the other team from Provo loses to Michigan, “TDS showed this month they hang with the Big-Boys”. Even if TDS gets ‘boat-raced’ out of the Big House.

    It drives me insane! Then there’s that Monty character who is a whole new level of jackass.

  • Rick

    Jake and Tony ===== Worst sports radio show ever to air in Utah. Neither of them know a lick about football and it shows. I stopped listening to their segment as soon as it started. I really can’t stand any of 1280 the Zoob shows except for Hans and Scotty G. At least Hans played the game at a very high level and can be somewhat objective.

  • Tacoma Ute

    I’m just shocked that so many people listen to local SLC radio as bad as it is. In this day and age you can listen to tens of thousands of different radio stations from all over the world with TuneIn and similar apps.

    It sounds like I’m lucky that I don’t have a clue who Jake and Tony are. I’ve heard everyone talking about how bad some Monty guy is. Never heard the guy.

    • Hockeybeard

      I understand the sentiment, I really do. BUT, the fact is that I want to listen to sports radio about my college football team. Unfortunately, I have to sift through the garbage during these half-assed shows in order to get a couple good nuggets when Bill/OC or Gunther break down some of the matchups. I WISH I could get a radio station that was 100% all Utes or relevant national sports talk, but nothing like that exists…too much pandering to all the listeners.

    • rbmw263

      I turned on local radio that wasnt 700 once. Made it about 5 minutes before I gave it a “is this sh*t serious?” laugh and changed the station.

      I dont know who these guys are nor care what they think whatsoever. They are also the radio version of clickbait. Why people listen to them is beyond me…

    • utedds

      Looks like Monty is moving to Arizona. Good riddance. I never found him entertaining. Hopefully they can find someone decent to replace him. I could use some good local talk for my morning drive, but I’m not holding out much hope.

      • Homer Crimson

        This is fantastic news. Not that I expect them to replace him with anyone better, but that guy is second only to Gordo at being a hack d-bag. Worst radio troll we have and that’s saying a lot.

        • Hockeybeard

          This news this morning made today an Extra Special Friday – combined with the fact that I had donuts brought to work by a co-worker, and its shaping up to be a great weekend!

  • NorthEZUte

    Bill and OC are the only sports radio show in the state as far as I’m concerned. The only preset for sports radio I have.

  • The Lone Wolf

    Jake and Tony are a couple of no talent hacks with very little between the ears.

  • Hypodactylus

    ESPN 700 is the only sports radio worth following in Utah.

  • 3UteDad

    Just when you think you've seen it all…

  • Hockeybeard

    Haha! DOINK!

  • High Uintas

    Somewhere in a parallel universe, a sports fan is saying, “Can you imagine if a kick hits the ref in the head, glances off the crossbar and goes through?” All his buddies would say that’s impossible.

  • Tomasina

    Now for the real question… is it good?

    • FormerUteSax

      refs signaled it good

  • UteStuckInSeattle

    The question is, what kind of disciplinary action will be put in place against the ball?

  • FormerUteSax

    Did he call his bank?

    Actually it bounced of the crossbar too

  • Drag & Drop Pics & Gifs

    Would be pretty sweet if we were able to just drag and drop pics and gifs. Is that even possible in the future?

    DrumandFeather Podcast

    If you haven’t already, check out the DrumandFeather.net podcasts.

    They are easily the most entertaining Utah football podcasts I have heard. They feature former Utah LB Chaz Walker & he usually dishes some inside knowledge on the Utah program that you won’t get anywhere else.

    I am in no way associated with this, but I really enjoy listening to the podcasts they put out.

  • Ex'dUte

    Just listened for the first time. Well worth the hour I spent — especially since I did it at work and got paid for it.
    Thanks for the recommendation!

  • How to embed video and gifs?

    I’ve seen some of you have embedded gifs and videos from various sources. Could somebody give a simple primer on how to accomplish this? I tried doing a youtube video using embed code and it didn’t work and I didn’t find any straightforward explanation when I looked at wordpress support forums.

  • High Uintas

    I’m equally as baffled and what is the “code” button used for?

    • 3UteDad

      It’s a secret code!

      It would be helpful to get an explanation on each one of the buttons. Nothing comes up when you roll the cursor over. Maybe it’s a customization option that Tony hasn’t gotten to yet.

  • Hockeybeard
    The code button
    puts the lines of text
    into a code format to
    set it apart from the
    regular post like this

    <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/_i2-BMliKiY” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

    I’m not sure if Tony@admin has allowed certain embed tags because of the threat of nasty exploits. Can’t blame him.

    To put images or .gifs into your post, just use the [img] tag. Copy the link location of the actual image/.gif and then click the [img] tag and copy and paste.

  • Hockeybeard


    nope, didn’t work. Tried to put a youtube link in under the [img] tag, but it didn’t work out.

  • SouthJordanUte

    For youtube I just simply copy and paste the link straight into the text box. I don’t even use those buttons up top. For imgs and gifs I don’t use the buttons up top either. I upload my pics/gifs to imgur.com and then just copy and paste the url of the pic straight into the text box. The buttons above confuse me as well.

  • SouthJordanUte

    • 3UteDad



  • Hockeybeard

    • Hockeybeard

      Huh…look at that. #SkynetIsReal

  • SouthJordanUte

    Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if you could just drag and drop .JPGS and .GIFS straight into the message?

  • High Uintas

    Seems to work for emoticon images as well.

  • SouthJordanUte


  • Tony


    • YodaUte

  • SouthJordanUte

    So the image button above worked on this one, but it hasn’t on some others for me.

  • Tony

    In the little toolbar above the text field just click the “img” button. Then paste your image URL in there. The next window asks you for a description, which you don’t need if you don’t want.

    • 3UteDad

      Do we need to worry about sizing the image or will the software handle that for us?

  • Tony

    When inserting images there is no need to worry about size. A simple line of code or two I put in makes the images friendly to devices of all sizes. Nice eh? Take a look at the home page on your phone or on your browser and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    That said it is best to paste images that are “web friendly” and not gigantic, to prevent the pages from loading very slowly.

  • How do you upload an image from your computer?

  • Tony

    How do you upload an image from your computer?

    Image upload is not an option here currently. You can use an image service to store your images and link the image url here with the ‘img’ button in the text editor. Or are you talking about uploading an image for your user profile picture? If that’s the case, click your own name and you will to go your profile.

  • Chris

    Ute – Receivers

    So, as much as I love the fact that Covey is making a “big splash” on the scene and actually contributing this year, I am a little concerned that NOBODY has done much else to bring our passing attack back to life. This probably is more on TW than anyone else. I hope we see an outpouring of pass offense this Saturday.

    Btw, I have to laugh every time they announcers mention “Covey from Provo, Utah”…..probably really gets under tds skin…ha!

    Go Utes!

  • oc_ute

    the tight ends have shown some promise. need to see some more from the wideouts. i question their ability to get separation. we seem to be a tad slow and if you don’t run a perfect route…. bad things happen

  • 89ute

    You can’t put a stat on one of our biggest offensive plays this year. PI’s on Scotty, 15 yards and a 1st down. We are who we are and it’s working so far. Don’t forget about our TEs, they’ve picked up a couple of nice little chunks for us.

    It ain’t pretty, it aint flashy but I think it will continue to work. We have the best 3rd down conversion rate in the conference at 47.8%. By the way, Oregon is 8th at 36.8.

    Everybody loves the long ball, but it’s a low probabilty play. Sure, I’d love to see a bomb completed to someone but it may turn out that it’s just not going to happen. I think it was 2013 where we lead the nation in +50 yard plays, that year didn’t work out so well.

    We’ve got the tools to win, the long ball just isn’t one of them.

  • Wilson's Mustache

    Hopefully with Butler-Byrd getting some reps at WR we will have a guy that can stretch the defense. I think Utah is really missing Tim Patrick. I thought he was going to have himself a pretty decent year, but I don’t know if were gonna se him this year.

  • I feel like the receivers have more receptions through the first three since 2008. I don’t care to look but WRs are catching the damn ball.

    How is it on Wilson he has played one full game this season?

  • sharpone

    You laugh, but I just hope we can hang on to him after his mission recruitment phase.