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    Kenneth Scott off to CFL … ballin' for cash, go Kscott


    Bu-Bye Anu

  • SkinyUte

    Wow, that’s surprising. He seemd like he would be a great QB, but injuries just crushed him.

    Shame, seemed like a good kid. Wish him well.

  • 89ute

    Award for Isaac Asiata

  • Tony

    He also won the award for “scariest mother f*(*&$ I’ve ever seen.”

  • Uteusmc

    For all Seattle area Utes….   I would strongly recommend you try and attend the ceremony on January 19 at the WAC in downtown Seattle.  I went to the presentations for Star in 2012 and Nate in 2014 and it is a great time.   At Nate’s I actually ran into Coach Whit who was there and got to talk to him for a few minutes.   I believe it is about $30 which includes lunch and a great presentation.  Below is the link to reserve tickets.   Go Utes!


    Ticket information to attend on 1/19/17



  • jamarcus24

    Since we joined the conference in 2011 Utah has had 3 winners of this award: 2 DL and 1 OL.  We have outstanding play in the trenches.

  • coachmorse8

  • Tony

    I fixed your youtube. To add a youtube video here, just paste the video URL on its own line. Don’t use the link button or anything.

  • PlainsUte

    Suggestion for the goal line, brought to you by Bart Starr and Jerry Kramer…  (at 40 sec)


    • You mean they used to go under center in 1967? I thought it was against the rules now because Utah refuses to run that s**t.