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    Love the notification feature.

    I’m not keen on receiving an email every time somebody responds to a post, but the notification at the top corner is perfect. Lets me know somebody fired back without having to wade through a million pages, and keeps my inbox from being flooded.

  • execUTEioner


  • execUTEioner

    My test post is showing up as being older than this post when this post was already here. This is probably because Tony reset the timezone. This also means that the database stores the localized time without the timezone info and not UTC time. Naughty developers.

    • execUTEioner

      I was trying to post to AZSwayze, but it’s not showing as a reply to his post. Probably because of the time issue.

    • Tony

      Yeah the time zone wasn’t set right.

      The username tagging thing is certainly a really cool feature, just about exactly the same way twitter works. My name and username on twitter are not the same.

  • execUTEioner

    It’s also annoying that the @mention feature uses the username not the display name, which often differs. The display name needs to be the unique username to be really useful.

    • Hockeybeard

      agreed. I don’t want to have to click on the user’s profile to find out what their Username is vs what their display name is.

      Unless they went to a Twitter style format (i.e. Hockeybeard@Hockeybeard). But I don’t know if that would be as aesthetically pleasing.

  • Additional Categories:

    Can we please have a category for politics and religion?

  • Guba

    Can NHL be added to the professional sports category?

    • AZswayze

      Seriously, we have soccer, but no NHL? I thought we were in America, sheesh.

      • Tacoma Ute

        We could combine them both in a “sports no one watches” category.

        Just kidding. Just kidding. 😀

        • Jumpmasterute

          Consistent aren’t you. Bahaha!

    • Hockeybeard


    • Hockeybeard

      I would like to bump this up – Tony@admin, NHL preseason has started and I need to gloat while I can…before the Penguins end up crashing in a giant fireball of Phil Kessel references…

  • Crimson Clover

    Agreed. I like having various categories and the ability to uncheck categories.

  • Tony

    Hockey? Never heard of it. I’ll add it though. Politics and Religion…. ugh. I guess it is good to put that stuff in where people can avoid it.

  • Tacoma Ute

    How about a movie category, and a music category.

    Also a category on growing subtropical plants in temperate zones. OK, I’m joking on that one.

  • Tony

    Dang I guess I better delete the subtropical plants in temperate zones category…

  • Jumpmasterute

    Miscellaneous category would be nice.

  • Newbomb Turk

    Still figuring this out.

    Just got an error when I tried to post.

  • MTM

    You should just use your rotary phone and call each of us and tell us what it said.

    • Newbomb Turk

      I don’t have a phone

  • Wilson's Mustache

    Newbomb Turk is here, this place must be okay.

  • Tony

    What did it say?

    • Newbomb Turk

      I figured it out. Apparently you have to have something in both the subject line and in this area.

    • oc_ute

      on most occasions, i can’t get the new topic post area. i just logged in, went to forums, recent posts. no place to start a new topic. if i bounce around here and there it mysteriously shows up

  • Milton Vanderslice

    Have you tried putting your post in a bowl of rice?

    (The classics don’t go way just because the location is different)

  • UteSteve

    Kyle Whittingham Post Fresno St. Press Conference (9/21/15)

    Embed Fail. You can find it here:
    From the SLTrib

    Tweaking the Site Mobile Look

    I’m working on making the mobile formatting with the current theme a little better. I’ve made some improvements so far, but the columns in a narrow smartphone are still in the queue. Check it out on your phone and hit reload.

  • Tony

    I THINK I’ve resolved the mobile display issue. Check it out on your small screen device and be sure to refresh the page to make sure it reloads.

    • Wilson's Mustache

      Looks much better. Good work

    • GadValleyUte

      A hell of a lot better on iPhone6 both Chrome and Safari. Thanks

  • Tony

    The indented posts, which are replies, still have some issues to fix, but it is improving!

  • javadave

    Bravo! Looks much better.