Better pretty much across the board in half 2

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      Outside of Rawson falling into ball watching when the shot goes up, the effort on the boards was better. Rawson really needs to toughen up. Ill leave it at that…Offense was much better. Daniels and Zamora were great breaking down the D and took them out of their switching for a bit. The whistle in the second half was really tough. Specifically the horrid charge call on Bonam when we had a chance to cut it to 3 or 4, and the flop they called when we were on a fast break to cut it to 4 with about 1:30 left. Both awful calls came in huge spots. Unfortunate, but we could have done more to make these calls be less impactful. Gotta come out with more fire in half one, for starters.

      I think this team will be solid. Wont make the tourney due to the OOC schedule (and losing both of the tough OOC games), probably win 20 games or so. Long way to go. See some of the makings for a really good team next year. Looking for improvement this year mostly. Great offensive potential. Need to get much, much better defensively. Everywhere.

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      Rawson and Van dyke not a fan at all. 

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      We’re not a mid-major, we can make the tourney by playing well in the Pac 12. Solid conference this year. Make some noise and the OOC only matters for seeding.


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