How would you characterize Utah-Oregon State?

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      Ute Fan

      Back in the day, Mike Riley would always poach our recruits.  Kyle would find some polynesian DL that no one else knew about and he would commit to Utah.  Then LOI day would come around and the kid would end up signing with Oregon State.  It happened a few times.

      We lost in Corvallis in 2007.  Johnson and Asiata both got injured in the first half, and then Yvenson Bernard ran all over us.  It was ugly.  But beating them at RES the following year was TOTALLY worth it.

      Since joining the Pac-12, it’s been a pretty even series.  They’re the only north division team we’ve played every year. We’ve won 3, they’ve won 2. And the series has taken on some new meaning with Gary Anderson at the helm.

      So in your opinion, how strong is the Utah-Oregon State rivalry on a scale from 0-5 (zero being Utah-San Jose-esque; five being Holy War circa 2008-esque)?

      Also, how would you characterize the Utah-Oregon State rivalry/series/relationship overall?  Do you hate them?  Respect them?  Fear them?  Love ’em? Pity them for losing to Utah just one week after beating #1 USC in 2008?  Explain.

      And finally–what is your favorite Utah-Oregon State memory? And why?

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      Not a rivalry at all. Like a 1. But favorite memory is 2008. People around me leaving the game early. Utah was down eleven no way they come back it is over. Those same people came running back from the explosion of cheers on there stupid walk back.  Some of them listened to Johnson in the post game explaining how they missed a helluva ending. 
      I remember I was hoarse for ever it seemed like until TCU I was sounding normal again. Only to have my voice go out after the blackout became the Brown out. 

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      Ute Fan

      I think in a lot of ways, the Oregon State football program is a lot like the Utah football program.  Both teams rely on finding loyal, underrated coaches who can find underrated recruits willing to play hard in a location that is less desirable than the big name schools.

      When successful in this approach, both programs can play the role of spoiler and, once in a while, contend for a championship.  When unsuccessful, both programs are prone to periods of mediocrity.

      It is hard to hate Oregon State, but the fact that we are so similar breeds a little resentment.  We would like to think we are better than Oregon State, but reality says otherwise.

      I remember when it was kind of a big deal to play and beat Oregon State: they were a PAC-10 team and we were not.  Now that we are on equal footing, it is less exciting.  That said, they are a good conference opponent and we seem to have a good series going with them.  The Gary Anderson wrinkle adds a bit of intrigue.

      Hoping for a win on Saturday.  Go Utes!

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      Ute Fan

      On your 1-5 scale, they are a 3

      I really don’t think anyone comes close to being a 5. The Zoo has that spot exclusively.
      2 is for our former WAC/MWC teams.
      3 for me are the current PAC 12 North teams.
      4 is reserved for current PAC 12 South teams.

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        Ute Fan

        Disagree with Tds, they’re no longer a 5, Kilani has changed a lot of attitudes. Still feel like the Utes are trying to make a name for themselves in the PAC until they start winning the south, so 3’s for everybody in the north and south. Every team being a battle week in and week out, and lack of proximity makes it difficult for one team to ever be a 5 again. I can see SC, Oregon, and AZ being 4’s though.

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          Ute Fan

          While I agree that the rivalry with TDS has changed, the fact remains, that they are still our top rival. The history and proximity will always exist, and we will constantly be competing for the same top in-state recruits. Until someone else steps in and de-thrones them, they will continue to hold the exclusive rights to rank as a 5 on the scale.

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            Ute Fan

            BYU is as much of a rival as USU. They have no bearing on the Utes goals and if ish keeps “competing” with byu for in-state recruits they will never be serious contenders. Utah is on another level.

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      Tacoma Ute
      Ute Fan

      0.3 at best. I might change my mind if they pull the upset though.

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        Tony (admin)

        I neither like or hate OS.  They are a Pac-12 opponent, which to me has rival components to it, regardless.  BYU is not a 5 to me.  They were.  Now USC, Arizona, and Arizona State are.  

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