I’m less worried about BYU than I was about SUU.

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      Ute Fan

      A lot, and I mean A LOT of our OL problems had to do with playing SUU.

      How can any of you guys think our OL played poorly but then be concerned about BYU’s run game? Their OL was ten times worse than ours last night. Arizona’s DL averages 250lbs a person. And BYU struggled running the ball vs them.

      Arizona had two turnovers. BYU had none. Yet, it took a last second turnover for BYU to win.

      Taysom Hill can’t run anymore.

      BYU doesn’t have a go to receiver.

      Their secondary has holes in it.

      BYU’s DL is relying on Corbin Kaufusi, a kid who is 6 ft 10 inches, who just started playing college football a couple of months ago. They have a lot of problems on their defense. Arizona is not good. Neither is BYU.

      We will win this game easily.

      BYU’s defense only played 56 plays last night. That is NOTHING. Ty runs his offense so slowly. And yet, their defense tired out by the fourth quarter. They gave up 190 yards in the fourth quarter (if I remember correctly). We will push the issue with them and run a faster paced offense and see if we can get them to 56 plays in the third quarter. Then pull away in the fourth…if it is still close.

      Taysom Hill can’t run anymore. All I heard all summer from BYU fans was how he’s never been caught from behind…well, last night, he was caught from behind.

      They don’t have a big time receiving threat. Their only successes came off quick slants and bootleg TE dumps. We can play them physical and straight up man, which will take away the TE dump and slant plays. Their WR’s won’t get off the line of scrimmage vs us.

      BYU is straight up screwed.

      Oh, and here is something NO ONE is talking about:

      When we played SUU, we ran out a totally DIFFERENT offense than we have run last 5 years. We showcased a couple of plays from that offense, but BYU has no idea what to prepare for. They saw no quick slants, no WR screens, no playaction, no complicated blocking schemes, no misdirection. Nothing.

      We saw Ty’s offense, and their offense is predicated on execution and timing. We are bigger, faster, stronger. All things that disrupt execution and timing.

      We will be just fine.

      Oh, and after one week, Troy Williams is the best QB in the state.

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      Ute Fan

      I was surprised by how much Taysom Hill slowed down. The entire side of the field would be open, he’d take off only to be met at the line of scrimmage.

      Two high safety zone they play will be picked apart by our offense.

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        Homer Crimson
        Ute Fan

        He slowed down but still got too many 1st downs. But yeah, I’m not that worried- I expect several sacks.

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      I like this thread.

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      Ute Fan

      I like your confidence. Personally, I always worry about these games. Looks to me like we win if we slow down Williams.

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      Ute Fan

      I’m no Sitake fan but I got to hand it to him, I can see a change at BYU. I didn’t see any cheap shots or general douche bag behavior. I think BYU played well and it surprised me. Not a lot of mistakes which is a sign of good coaching.

      It pains me to say this but color me impressed.

      Right after the game while Sitake was being interviewed he said something like … “we’re honored to have Utah as our rival” …

      Based on what I saw I think we beat them and move on, business as usual.

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      Shorter version BYU sucks Utah wins and hopefully stays healthy. Butler Byrd will play.


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