Is the heat on Helfrich?

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      First thought is bring him in for an OC position, but he will get a HC job somewhere.

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      Going 9-4 (7-2 Pac-12) last year, I would hope almost any coach would be allowed to endure one sub .500 season anomaly. If it continues halfway into next year, then Duck and cover.

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      There’s only two coach’s that could get Phil Knight a title: Nick Saban or Urban Meyer. Even with those guys it would take 3 to 4 years to get there. Does Phil have that long?

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        Nah, Urban wins big in his second season where ever he goes. He would have title at Oregon in his second season. Saban may need some time though.

        This is all silly though, neither of those guys is going anywhere.

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      Only way you win big in the second season is if the cupboard is stocked. No way is that the case at Oregon.

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      Well Utah just saved Helfrich’s job. Realize that Oregon’s 4th string QB is a 4 star that Utah offered and couldn’t even get a sniff at.


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