Line opened at UW -11 and quickly moved to -11.5

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    Ute Fan

    Do we get boat raced at home this week? What is our game plan going to look like? 


    I assume that the defense will be better, I don’t think we can be much worse. That being said, our offense probably won’t be as good. The great thing about this football team, is that we have executed different game plans based on opponents all year long. We possess great versatility. If we happen to get a little healthier heading into this week I like our chances to compete with the huskies.


    go utes! Shock the huskies!!

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    Ute Fan

    Honestly, that’s a pretty complimentary opening line for Utah. UW is a great team, and has shown to have very few flaws.

    We’ll be lucky to keep it within 2 scores. Hope I’m wrong, but I am just not confident about this game.

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    Until I know who is playing and back from injury I have no opinion. Bolles,Williams, and the rest.

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      Bolles got hurt?

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        Larry B
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        He was limping off the field after the game.

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    11.5 points for Washington on the road?!!? Get me to Wendover right now so I can confidently throw down a chunk of change on the Utes. Huskies are untested and the road is a hard place to win in the conference. Even Arizona took Washington to OT in Tucson.

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    Tacoma Ute
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    Agreed Thlete. I think we win outright.


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