Whoda thunk!!!????? WSU, Washington and Colorado on top.

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    Ute Fan

    WSU, Colorado and Washington have no lossed in Pac12 play.

    Washington and Colorado may have a shot at running the table. I think Washington has an easier path.

    Washington has already played Stanford, and has OSU, ASU and USC at home. Oregon, Utah, Cal and WSU on the road.

    WSU has Stanford, ASU, Oregon ST. and Colorado on the road. Stanford, tough one. At home they face Washington, Cal, UCLA, and Arizona.

    Colorado at USC, Stanford and Arizona. Have ASU, UCLA, WSU and Utah at home.

    WSU and Colorado both face Stanford on the road, Washington has Oregon (rivalry), WSU (rivalry), Cal and Utah on the road. They could lose three of those four.

    Once again I think the Pac12 beats each other up. We need some of our players back to make a run. Right now it is not looking good on the injury front.

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    Ute Fan

    I don’t see anyone coming out of this unscathed.

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      Ute Fan

      You’re right. There are no undefeated teams left in the PAC12.

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    Puget Ute
    Ute Fan

    The following teams over the last 40 years went undefeated in PAC play:

    USC 2005
    USC 2004
    USC 1988
    USC 1979 (tied Stanford)

    Oregon 2010

    UCLA 1998

    Washington 1991

    ASU 1996
    ASU 1986 (tied WSU)

    Nine total undefeated seasons out of 400+ possible.

    I think this game will be a wake-up call in some ways. But the truth is going undefeated is extraordinarily difficult. But it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is whether we can regroup and overcome the issues.

    I will enjoy the ride, because the season is as fun as was the post-season when we were in the WAC/MWC.

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    Injuries… Big problem.

    I didn’t see any improvement this week either. That’s a concern.

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      I didn’t know Porter was out.  He has been the best DB we have had all year.

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    Ute Fan

    I get the Colorado love, but predicting they win the south is still a huge stretch, IMO. They have looked good against underwhelming teams. I still think they get beat by both LA schools, Stanford and who knows who will still be standing when the Utes play them.


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