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    Ute Bc

    Trap game for USC and Vegas knows it

    There is no other explanation why USC is only favored by 4.5 points against the TDS.

    This game is meaningless to USC.  They have probably not even coached for this game in Provo.  They are looking ahead at the Utah game.  They had the emotion of hosting a ranked Stanford and now they have to travel to and play a crap team in a crap town.  This is the very definition of a trap game.

  • UteBacker

    Remember that the line isn’t what Vegas thinks will be the score difference but rather what will get the same amount of $ bets on both sides.  

    Also, this would be a brutal game to handicap.  USC has looked like two different teams in their two games and to a lesser extent, so has BYU.  

    • UtMtBiker

      BYU looked pretty terrible in both games.  Just slightly less terrible agains a horrendously terrible oponent.  This feels like free money to me.  

  • UtemanUtefan

    My guess is; Slovis will probably throw a pick or 2 because BYU drops 7-8 most plays just like they did vs Utah. It’ll slow down USC, but they’ll ground it out much like we did and beat em by 14+. I would take USC all day.

    • PhiladelphiaUte

      You don’t think that if ybU-p drops 7-8, USC will just run the ball….like Utah did?

      • UtemanUtefan

        I’m saying their offensive playbook is literally built to throw more than run, so they’ll be some first half growing pains, and a lot of 2nd half running. Exactly like how our game with them went.

  • Thlete

    Maybe it’s a trap as it has all the signs but I would still put large money on USC to win by at least 2 scores.

  • Central Coast Ute

    FPI gives USC a 65% chance to win. I think that is a better indicator than a Vegas line.

    • ironman1315

      FPI blows. Thrill has Sc as an 11 point favorite.

  • PlainsUte

    I am not a betting guy, but if I were, I would put some $$ on USC this week.  4.5 seems low.  Another objective system Sagarin thinks USC is 15 points better than TDS.  So even with the 2.25 home field advantage the expected marginl is still better than 12 pts and you’d only be giving 4.5 pts, that’s like getting a free touchdown.