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I’m shocked that so many keyboard coaches think OSUs O-fence will roll us.

I keep seeing this sentiment across other CFB message boards. If you look on /r/CFB, the game preview thread has about 50% of posters picking OSU over us, and saying how awesome their offense is.

I guess people forgot just how awesome Wazzu’s offense was before we played them too.

Now if OSU has all-world receivers like SC, maybe they can get over the top, but I somehow doubt it.


  • ironman1315

    Especially since Blackmon is probably better by now.

    • Utesbyfive

      Our guys are fresh for sure. The Beavs are surrendering 30+ points per game. Anything can happen, but they’re not scaring me.

  • Gary Sapp

    Playing like we all know we can, OSU doesn’t get enough points to register. We just all fear another USC type performance. Though admittedly we can play that bad and probably still roll them.

  • homer
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    Regardless of their opponents this season, having watched all their games I see a well thought out, balanced scheme. They have three good running backs, an elite receiver, a decent game manager for QB.

    They have some confidence, something previously lacking. They are not a team to be overlooked.

    • Utesbyfive

      Neither was Wazzu. I doubt the Uboyz are overlooking anybody at this point.

  • PlainsUte
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    Wouldn’t overlook them, and I think the OSU-UCLA game should have been enough to get the players’ attention if previously they were thinking the Beavs (I think having “Beavs” on a uniform is hilarious, makes me think of Theodore Cleaver) are going to be a pushover. 

    Utes should win, but if I were a betting man I’d stay away from giving 14 points to OSU.   Would not be taking those points and OSU, either.  Just a game to stay away from.  I think KWhitt will employ the same ball-control ohfense he did vs WSU to keep their capable, but not entirely dangerous, ohfense off the field and therefore take the under.

    As for Reddit being a good barometer of expectations, it probably skews more toward the coasts wihere the high tech workers and students are.  In other words more Oregon participants than the norm.

  • KiYi-Ute

    I think this stems from a lack of consistency when it comes to Utah’s performance. We (the dedicated fans) see every game. Those broader CFB fans who don’t follow Utah every week just see Utah when we show up on the big stage.

    AKA when we are a top 10 team and play unranked U$C and s**t the bed on national TV. The larger media audience just doesn’t see consistent winning in big games to be able to pick us. And everyone loves to pick upsets.

    • gothamute

      Yep. Right or wrong (and I think it’s right unless we prove it wrong by winning out), the national media/general college football viewing public dropped us from their collective consciousness after the USC loss, judging us as no longer relevant to the CFP discussion. I can attest that many people living here in the Northeast had an open mind about us this season, given the preseason hype, but once we shat the bed vs USC they all moved on. This only makes that USC loss even more frustrating to me… we dominated that game except for giving up 2 stupid big plays (I’m not counting the TD that JJ gave up, as to me that was just a great throw + play on the ball by the receiver that still would have beaten tighter coverage)… just think about how different the conversation would be right now had we not muffed that game… ok ok I’m over it (or not!)

      • Utesbyfive

        Imagine if we’d scored just before the half instead of fumbling it away…

        • gothamute

          Ugh. That was killer.

  • savageUTEamI

    I am guessing its mostly beaver fans that are still riding the high an actual conference win.. they have won 5 PAC games (including this year) since 2016.

    2016 3-6

    2017 0-9 

    2018 1-8 

    2019 1-1 (about to be 1-2) 

    The UBoyz need to show up and execute and limit mistakes on offense, and play the stingy defense we have all become accustomed to (minus the $C game), and they will cover easily. The UCLA defense would make the TDS look like world beaters.. we all know that’s a bunch of malarkey. 


  • GameForAnyFuss

    Football is all about matchups, and this is a good matchup for Utah. USC was a poor matchup which is why we lost the game.

    We will stuff their ground game and make them one dimensional. They will make a few big plays but their QB will end up making mistakes. Utah wins this game by ~20.