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coming off a bye, playing a team with a bad defense

and a QB that many Beaver fans think should be benched in favor of a young guy. He’s a game manager. He won a weekly award one time because he played against a really bad UCLA team. We’ll be just fine if we show up.


As long as our secondary doesn’t have a complete meltdown, and we don’t go crazy with turnovers, we’ll win this one comfortably.


I’d love to be worried about the outcome of this game, but I just can’t. This is Oregon State we are talking about. We’ll be fine. Don’t over think it.

  • Dante Guardi

    Luton isnt a game manager. one of the most underrated players in the country. these guys have a great offense with the best receiver in the conference and 2 all pac 12 level running backs. their defense is horrible. i say utes 41- 24

    • UM4G

      I just don’t buy the hype about their offense (yet).

      From one of their own boards, the toughest defense they’ve faced so far was Ok State (#49). Only wins are Cal Poly and a 1-5 UCLA.

      I’m not saying we should take them lightly because last game in Corvallis showed us you can’t take any PAC game lightly, but until they’ve faced a top 25 defense like Utah’s I don’t buy it.

      I agree with Chinngis – I don’t understand the sudden confidence level of their fans or any other fans when Oregon State hasn’t done anything thus far and has a defense that gives a wet paper towel a run for it’s money.

      I believe we’ll have a clean, relatively easy win, but won’t be surprised if we struggle in a close game.

  • chinngiskhaan

    eh… Their fans all seem to think he is a game manager that is teetering on the edge of being benched. He is apparently not very mobile, and is not good at dealing with pressure.

    They also seem to think that if his star WR wasn’t so good at playing defensive back Luton would have at least a couple INTs so far.

    They may be overly negative due to being absolutely terrible for a few years, but they watch him more than anyone else, and that seems to be the consensus. He isn’t bad, but he isn’t that great either. That is what they are saying. Maybe they are the vocal minority?