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Good article on Pay for Play and the impact at the U.


When you see some of the examples of how limited students (Covey) are as opposed to their classmates, it sheds some light on another dark corner of the situation.

When an athlete is restricted from activities which enhance their major, i.e. business it kind of sucks. Money making activities which go along with a major are taken off the table for athletes? Not sure I’m on board with that.

Imagine a nursing student who couldn’t work part time as a CNA, or in a hospital because they are an athlete it kind of breaks the reasonableness test.

  • UteThunder
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    I think those restrictions are offset with the intangible benefits that come from being a D1 athlete, especially a D1 football or basketball player. The doors that are opened for them in the business world after their college careers are over are just unreal and something that a ‘normal’ student is very unlikely to ever experience.

  • EagleMountainUte
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    I think if they sign a deal with an agent then they no longer should be awarded a scholarship and have to pay for it. Including all of their meals, housing, free haircuts, tutors, all of it. That is just my opinion. 

    • PhiladelphiaUte
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      You know, that’s actually not a bad idea!  It could work out as a contractual 1-for-1, in the sense that for every dollar a student-athlete makes, it’s automatically deducted from the value of his scholarship, until the value of the scholarship drops to zero — at which point all revenues in excess are the student-athlete’s to keep.

      What remains of the scholarship refunded back to the university on the other hand, may need to be reviewed.  For example, if Zach Moss earns more money than his scholarship was worth, can the university pass that now-vacated scholarship on to another student athlete?  Or does he still count as as part of the university’s 85 scholarship kids?

      If he’s still counted among the university’s 85, can his scholarship be awarded “academically” to another deserving student in Moss’ class?

      • EagleMountainUte

        Expanding on that concept even more I like that. Give out schollies for kids who walked on and earned it. 

        • HoosierUte

          But, that puts us in a situation where schools that have big booster $$ now have defacto more scholarships to throw around. 

          • EagleMountainUte

            It is going to cut both ways no matter what. Football won’t exist as we know it in 20 more years these are the nails in the coffin. CTE information is already starting us down that road. Eventually the NFL will move to two hand touch to prevent injury. 

            Maybe I am overblowing it but it feels like the signs are all there. You have a reduction in participation in California which usually starts a trend that spreads to rest of the country. 

          • PhiladelphiaUte

            So your position is that once a scholarship had been awarded, it can’t be passed on to another once said athlete’s “contract” exceeds the value of it?  You believe that despite no longer receiving university money, said athlete still counts as part of their “85”?

            I agree that if we passed the vacated scholarship on to another athlete, that COULD defeat the purpose of the “85” scholarship limit.  That’s why I suggested it be passed on to some other student in his class — as an “academic” award.  This award will be passed on to someone based on “academic” merits — whether or not s/he is a student athlete.

  • Warrior Ute

    Does anyone else find it ironic that in the article photos of Covey and Huntley in Utes gear have links that says buy this image?

    • EagleMountainUte

      It isn’t really ironic.  It is why most say this is a civil rights issue. UA is able to sell certain popular players numbers and uses them as marketing tools. UA and the U is able to make money off of their image basically. 

      Then when it comes to the TV marketing the games?  They show plays from the Heisman hopefuls and players who lay their bodies on the line for our entertainment. 

  • Utahute72

    This has the potential to be and enforcement nightmare.  How do you prevent a booster from throwing a bunch of cash at a recruit for essentially nothing.  Not that it doesn’t already happen, but it just seems like another mechanism to allow cheating.

    That said one of my favorite memories was when we were having dinner after a Jazz game in the old Two Guys across the street from the Salt Palace.  Frank Layden was there with a tableful of people and was telling stories (loud enough for everyone in the room to hear by the way).  He said he asked Mel Turpin about getting paid to play at Kentucky.  Mel recited the standard line, tuition, room and books like he was stating name, rank and serial number (the standard line for capture combatants in war).  He then asked Mel about whether or not he worked while he was in school.  Mel said yea, he worked for a guy that owned a stable and was paid $25 an hour (this was back in the 80s) and the guy didn’t seem to mind whether or not he showed up and paid him anyway.  I can see a lot more of this going on.