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Pre-Funk in Santa Clara

I fly out with some buddies from PDX to San Jose Friday morning. Never been to Levi’s Stadium. Anyone know if there is a Utah tailgate or bar near the stadium? I’m sure the Pac-12 will be putting on some festivities, but they aren’t doing a good job advertising/promoting. Wondering if ya’ll have ideas on where to hang out before the game…

  • bopahull

    On the utahutes.com site they are offering a pregame tailgate in the parkinglot. $20 each.

    • LetItRide

      The Hyatt next door is a great spot. If it rains it will be a madhouse as it’s really just a lobby room with not so much seating. Outdoor seating as well but the rain can hinder.
      I also believe someone say that the Utes are possibly staying there.. anyone have an update on that piece?

      • UrbanLiar

        Yes that was me. The team hotel is the Hyatt Regency. The lobby has multiple restaurants and a couple of bar areas. It’ll be crowded but I enjoyed it last year (even though it was the U-Dub team hotel, this year the teams switched hotels). I’ll be there with 3 of my buddies all day!

  • cicampbe

    Thanks. I saw that, but it looks like this might be a watch party tailgate at Rice Eccles Stadium. They show the location at Rice Eccles.

    • NarfUte

      It’s not – It’s at Levi’s. I went last year, if you click see more at the top it shows the time/location at Levi’s.