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LSU Receivers

Wow. These guys are tough. 

  • Pace Manyung
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    Actually every position on both teams are bad ass.

    Different league


    • UteBacker
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      This year there was LSU, Clemson and Ohio State. Then there was everyone else. Amazing how much better those 3 teams were than the other 127…

      • Pace Manyung

        Agree. Although I hate to say this but Alabam should have been in the top 4… with Georga at 5.

        The SEC (and Clemson) is just another league.  Not sure how you can change these dynamics,  

        • UteBacker

          I would have rather seen 2 SEC teams than Oklahoma. I can’t believe I just said that out loud. Ew.

          • Pace Manyung

            Every position is elite with these teams. So athletic,

            PAC12 has athletic players…just not at EVERY positon.  It’s really not fair. 

    • crazyute
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      There is a reason Joe Burrow transferred though.

      Remember pace told us transfers are no good