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Here’s why Utah’s Defense will be Pretty damn good in 2020

People remember the horrific end to 2019 but they forget that Utah had an 8 game stretch of rolling the PAC 12 by 29 points each game. Put it in perspective, a drop off on the defense might still be a really solid defense for PAC 12 play…maybe not SEC play, but you get the idea. 

1) The 3 senior to be DT’s are experienced and are all above 310 lbs that have a good amount of PAC 12 play. Tonga, Pututau, and Viane Moala have all been waiting for Penesini and Fotu to clear out and they’re all men, Utah will likely rotate 4-6 guys here anyway.

2) The DE’s will all be experienced upper classman. Tafua and Tupai have started and or gotten really good experience. It will be interesting if the new 4 star guys, Van Fillinger and Carlson or even Blake Kuithe can break into the rotation. 

3) Devin Lloyd will be a 6-3 240 lb linebacker next year and Utah needs to fill 1 LB gap that if it does through the portal, like it did last year (although ultimately not working out) that could be a very solid group.

4) Corner – You have JJ 2.0 coming in and a very promising Jatravis Broughton who was probably second to Jav Guidry as far as burners on the team. 4)b) Nickel – It will be interesting to see how things get shuffled between corner and nickel but there is some really solid talent…Malone Mataele, Bronson Boyd, Lacarea Pleasant-Johnson, that’s right! Pleasant-Johnson! The point is there is a bunch of talent, let the cream rise to the top.

5) Safety. Hmmm. might need to get some transfer Talent here but even without out it, Utah has enough to be a solid, good defense IMO. 

What do I mean by Solid, Good Defense? I mean 8-9 wins good. 

  • tanute3

    Is Nate Ritchie from Lone Peak a mission-first guy? 

    • Distantute


      • User Suspended

        how about the two Utah DE recruits? – just assuming they’re mormon

        • Hammer

          I’m not sure if the 6’7″ black kid from Juan Diego is Mormon, but I’d guess no??? 

  • crazyute

    I’d really be interested to see Mata’afa win the other LB spot. At 6’3″ 220 him and lloyd would give us a ton of length and speed. And maybe he can get up to 230 by next fall

  • noneyadb

    “Maybe not SEC, B1G, XII (Do they play defense), ACC, or ND play, but you get the idea….” FIFY.