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Kingsley Suamataia

Love seeing how we are going all out for the top in-state recruit!! Stiff competition as always but love seeing us take the approach of don’t go down without swinging big! Go Utes!
Utah sends 50 reasons to Kingsley Suamataia

  • Brettski

    We have to stop the pipeline to Oregon.

    • Larry B

      Until Nike stops pouring money into their program, the pipeline will remain open. Maybe we can get Elon Musk to become a fan and design some high tech uniforms for us.

      • Central Coast Ute
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        I’m sure he has an uncle that received 100,000 reasons for him to go to Oregon. 50 isn’t going to cut it.

    • utefansince79

      We seem to lose more great in-state players to the Ducks than to Provo.


  • dystopiamembrane
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    Why the thumbs down?

    • MDUte

      Someone gives a thumbs down to every post I make on here. I think it’s UteThunder but whatever..

      • dystopiamembrane


      • UteThunder


        I don’t know who you are or why I’m apparently in your head, but that’s an interesting theory you have there. I’m sure Tony could verify I’m not the one thumbs downing your posts.

        • MDUte

          If you say so, then my bad for thinking that and calling you out. You are the only one on here who I’ve had a negative exchange with. So I figured when every post of mine was getting thumbs downed that you were salty about it. I really don’t care that someone is taking it upon himself to always thumbs down my posts. But I was asked about why I had a thumbs down on my OP of this thread and answered. Again my bad for calling you out and I apologize.

  • UtesRule

    I hate the Ducks!!!

    • dystopiamembrane

      F**k those green and yellow bastards.

      • Utesbyfive

        Did you say Green Bastard?

      • Tony

        Or whatever color they are this week?