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Earlier today I just watched the replay of the ’13 Utah OSU OT game.  T Wilson was a gamer.  He made mistakes and his arm mechanics were not good.  But that guy balled out for the Utes.  I will always respect him for that.

  • EagleMountainUte

    Wilson would have thrived with the right coach. Ludwig feels like that guy who can compliment the defense. Chow was the last system that made sense to me. Wilson would have killed it with both of them. 

    • PhiladelphiaUte

      Yep.  The difference between Ludwig and Roderick is the difference between an NFL draftee and Zuka juice salesman.  Wilson was a gamer, and he had heart.  Too bad he got stuck with the wrong position coach.

  • Tony

    For sure. Wilson was balls out. Total gamer. 

    • Ute2

      Man he had the most hard luck career too.  A different oc every year.

      A ton of injuries with skill players around him… 

      Dave Christensen and Kendall Thompson 

      he fought through some real adversity along the way

  • BD
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    I was at that game. Heartbreaker. But Travis Wilson was a gamer – he had some really good timely runs that kept Utah in it. I remember the Beavers doing some funky stuff in the first half that confused Utah’s O-line. Adjustments were made, and Travis was let loose and got Utah back in it. He had a few bad turnovers, but did enough to win, IMO. The defense, however, didn’t do enough and was a major reason for the loss, as they were still trying to figure things out in the defensive backfield as OSU’s Mannion just picked apart the defense with ease. They just could not stop him.

    Anyway, fun memory.

    • Tony

      Oh man now I remember.  Yeah I was there too. 

  • Central Coast Ute

    I remember being very excited for him after that game. If I remember correctly, he threw a few picks but they weren’t all his fault. Some receivers tipped balls up in the air. During the press conference after the game, Whittingham sang his praises. Unfortunately later that year, he had a head injury which brought to light a previous injury and Dave Christiansen came in. It’s my personal belief that Christiansen brought his confidence down which affected his play, especially his junior season.