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2019 Utah vs. 2020 BYU

Ok, I keep reading articles and comments on the internet talking about BYU, and how good they are despite the soft competition they are currently playing. They will say “I know BYU is playing against cupcakes, but they are dominating them so their ranking is justified and Wilson is an NFL level QB”.

Just one question, how come when Utah ABSOLUTELY OBLITERATED Pac12 teams like 49-3 UCLA, 35-0 Cal, etc. people said “who cares, weak competition so Utah isn’t that good” but when BYU does it to high school teams everyone starts cumming all over themselves. Surely 2019 UCLA or Cal would have been able to beat Navy/Troy/LATech/UTSA right? Also, why is everyone choosing to forget that this is the same BYU team that lost to Toledo/USF/SDSU/Hawaii last year? 2020 just doesn’t make sense lol

  • SalUteopia

    I read somewhere that it took a pandemic for them to get ranked. That says it all.

  • UteBacker

    If you’re part of their fan base you cling to whatever glimmer of positivity and hope you can.

  • UteThunder

    It comes down to the number of teams not playing yet. If everyone had started playing at the same time, BYU would be “among others receiving votes” or maybe ranked #25 with their schedule and what they’ve done.

  • GameForAnyFuss

    I keep reading articles and comments on the internet talking about BYU

    I think I found the problem…

  • Hellhound152

    Just go over to Cougarboard, there are no true believers left over there.  If you are concerned about a road game against the 4th best team in the AAC it is the manifestation that your dog is a pug not a pitbull and you know it.

  • KoolWhitt

    Years of mediocrity begets desperation. They have been so meh for so long that the blue goggle wearers will say anything to justify their current “rank.”

    Also, don’t underestimate the power of their ESPN contract. ESPN is locked into showing BYU’s games, which until Covid happened actually had some intriguing matchups. Now, BYU’s patchwork schedule has them playing glorified high school teams. ESPN is afraid no one will tune in to watch American Technical College of Southeast North Dakota vs. the Mormon Parochial Academy (don’t mean that disrespectfully, just saying many outside of Utah know BYU strictly as “that Mormon school”), so what can they do to get eyeballs on the screen? Hype the bigger school as an NY6 Cinderella with a legit heisman candidate. Watch one of their games; the commentators are literally always talking about one of those two topics. It’s a way to get people to almost sort of care to tune in to a game I’m sure ESPN would love to drop. But it can’t.

    Sadly, that gives the zoobs a bunch of headlines to flaunt, but who cares. They are a sixth grader winning at tetherball against a bunch of second graders. If they want to puff their chests up over that, let them. The rest of the world sees how ridiculous it is.

  • Dallas

    I don’t think it’s accurate to think everyone was poo pooing our dominant performances. We were getting enough attention to very likely make the CFP with a win against Oregon. I’d say that’s an incredibly positive attitude toward our team. Unfortunately we couldn’t back it up in santa Clara.

    • CB_Ute

      Dallas, the thing is Utah was getting love, but it didn’t come until the end of the season. We had to be 8-1/9-1 for anyone to actually start admitting that Utah was a playoff-contender. BYU beats 3 high school teams, and everyone starts blowing their load. That’s all I’m trying to point out. I will be watching the BYU-Houston game tonight, cheering for the red coogs obviously. Just trying to keep myself busy until real football starts with Utah on Nov 7th.

  • ProudUte

    Good points.

    I think this MAY be the best BYU team in at least 6 or 7 years, but we will never know because of their schedule.  They have looked very good except for last week’s game against a very average Texas SanAntonio team.  I really do not know how good they are and we will likely never know.

    Houston will be missing 15-20 players tonight.  I had hoped that tonight maybe some good competition for them, but you really can’t compete when you are missing that many players.

    I don’t think they could stay on the field with Oklahoma and they have lost two games.

    Is Zach Wilson an NFL caliber QB?  Again, it’s tough to tell.  He is completing 80% of his passes, but has yet to feel any pressure.  I think he is good and has the skills and size to get a look from the NFL.  But, some BYU fans have him as the next Steve Young.  (Not a chance!!!)


  • rbmw263

    theres a lot of talk from utah media how they finally get their first test tonight. Houston has played 1 single game and is ranked 43rd on sagarin. If they are as good as they say they are they better win by 28. And even then…we have no idea what houston is yet. Probably need them to play more than 2 games to determine that. 

  • SkinyUte

    ESPN was just touting Wilson as the #2 best QB prospect in the country, behind Lawrence.

    Amazing what tacking up yards against bad teams will do for your image.