Heard today that some coaches think

That Rising may be the starter on day 1.  Of course, the starter will be determined by who shows the best in camp.  I have to admit that I am surprised by this news.  I thought Brewer was the man and it would take an amazing camp for Rising to take the number one spot.


  • MDUte

    Maybe it’s coach speak?

    • ProudUte

      This was a private conversation with an assistant coach.  So, I don’t think it was coach speak. 

      In the end, they will make the call based on who has the better camp.  But, Rising has still not proved himself during a game and Brewer has. It sounds like both are hard workers.

  • EagleMountainUte

    My money is on Rising. He beat out the other transfer he can do it again.

    • MDUte

      Only thing is, have we ever heard Whitt gush about Rising the way he already has about Brewer? It seems clear to me that Brewer is our QB1 and there’s not really going to be a QB competition in Fall Camp but there’s going to be all kinds of messaging coming out of camp to suggest it’s close and that they are still looking for separation to occur before being able to make a decision either way and blah blah blah. I think it’s all coach speak. I heard Bill Riley interviewing JD Jorgensen a few days ago and Jorgensen said the players all know who is going to be QB1 at the beginning of camp. But it’s kept hush hush with the media to maintain a slight advantage on not allowing an opponent to know which QB to prepare for. Maybe this makes sense if we are playing a P5 in game 1 like the year we led off with Michigan. But when we are starting out with Weber St or some other low level team, I don’t know why we just don’t name the starter.

    • Charlie

      Rising won the job last year, however, that bar was only high enough to beat out Bentley. Either way, the best of this years options will be much better than the best of last years options. Costelli will put more pressure on Rising than Bentley did as well.

  • Central Coast Ute

    I haven’t seen either one in person, but from what I heard Bartle and Brown say on the Locked on Utes podcast, Rising has the better physical tools at his disposal. What he doesn’t have is experience. They were saying if Rising can show good decision making in camp, it will be a very interesting QB competition. Maybe Whitt really isn’t blowing smoke when he says it’s between those two…

  • Duhwayne

    People are saying that Brewer is special. Believe me. I don’t know myself, but that’s what people said. The best people. Smartest people. Good brains. Some say Rising might be back. I don’t know. But if he does, they better be ready for a big battle. The biggest.

  • Trailgoat

    Pre-season coach speak from KW playing the wait until game day routine before announcing the starting QB. As a huge Rising fan, not byuing he is 100% ready for full speed action and is going to give Brewer a run having thrown only six passes as a D1 QB. Rising will get his opportunity. 

  • Rick
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    Maybe so but just watching both Rising and Brewer play in live action as a fan that has been watching football for over 50 years, I know what I see and what I see is Brewer being the better overall QB by far.  Call me bitter but Rising’s interception he threw in the USC game out in the flats was enough for me.  That was not only a dreadful decision on his part but the throw was just as awful.  That play has jaded me toward Rising ever since and what I have seen of Brewer from his high school days, through his Baylor days and in the Red and White game shows me all I need to know.  He is the better QB.  They are probably just trying to keep Rising from transferring because after this season it is wide open.

    • tanute3

      That’s an insane take on Rising.

    • ironman1315

      All he expects is absolute perfection. I mean is that too much to ask?

    • GameForAnyFuss

      What will you do when Brewer throws a bad interception? Who will you like then? Every QB is going to throw on eventually. I mean, Tom Brady has thrown some terrible INTs…