Pac-12 Champions

  • Utesbyfive

    He’d be a backup for a year here. He wants immediate exposure and PT.

  • younglurch

    Interesting list… Ole Miss seems like it would be the frontrunner given Lane Kiffen’s track record as an offensive minded guy and Matt Corral’s recent success there. The issue would be will Lane stick around? He’s probably being considered for some NFL jobs and isn’t known for his loyalty. 

    OU is probably tantilizing due to the presence of Lebby, but they’re rebuilding around Venables and Dart would also have to beat out Dillon Gabriel, who is very capable in his own right. 

    TCU is more of a surprise, but Sonny Dykes could be intriguing enough. 

    • 2008 National Champ

      Was it Sonny that put Jaret Goff and Webb in the NFL at Cal? Certainly did well with the transfer from (Texas?) he had a couple of years ago at SMU. If I was a QB prospect Lebby, Kendall Briles, Riley, and Day would be the first places I would want to look. Dykes wouldn’t be far behind

      • PlainsUte

        Yeah, based on what’s happening at those schools, my guess is that he lands at TCU, but one never knows all that’s going on in the head of these teenagers and their parents.

  • UteFanatic

    Not surprising. Utah was never in the mix.