CFN loves USC…

Ranked #5 and they have yet to play a game with their whole new team? Enjoy.

College Football Playoff: Top 20 Ranking Of Teams With A CFP Path

  • Utesbyfive

    Such a damn joke. Let’s get it on.

    • ProudUte

      I like it.  I want everyone to have high expectations for Oregon and USC.  In a perfect world – USC and Utah will both be undefeated on October 15th.

      Go Utes!!!

  • dystopiamembrane
    7 1

    I would prefer to see USC with zero wins on October 15th. Much better, in my opinion, for high school players to see a losing team. These kids have been told all their lives that they need to be on the winning side, seeing USC with numerous Ls should sway many of them to mark the cesspool of LA off their list.

  • this reminds me of ESPN’s approach.  Their goal is to get clicks.  USC has a big fan base and that fan base is looking for affirming stories.  CFN feeds them what they want to get clicks.  I think the Police’s first single was about this “CFN…. you don’t have to put on the red light”.

  • Tony

    Maybe this year will be different, but USC for a long time has been an example of doing less with more.