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Help me understand why the curtains are in effect for a home tournament game.

F**k me! Why? *Womens NCAA Tourney. Bought my tickets on Monday, $30 for mine, $14 for my 12 year olds, sec y row 21, not complaining about price but everyone here has a negative comment about the black curtains. I’m sure there’s a legit reason and I’m just being a whiner. I just hate the curtain look for obvious reasons that go beyond women’s basketball.

  • Announced attendance at the Huntsman Center tonight: 7,130. 


    Doesn’t it need to be a certain number for them to undrape?  

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    The curtains are a running joke around CBB.

    Utah should have the best home court advantage in America and instead the Huntsman Center is a graveyard

  • GameForAnyFuss

    Hopefully people who aren’t attending basketball games see the irony of complaining about the curtains.

    My neighbor literally said this to me earlier this year: “I won’t go to any more games until they raise that stupid curtain.” SMH

  • Hahnenwk

    No curtains Sunday

    Even some people sitting up there