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The Utah Lacrosse team just won our 2nd game of the season…

…15-8 over Bellarmine (5-2, 0-1), to advance our record to 1-0 in conference play, and 2-4 overall. We played a very challenging non-conference slate this year, losing to two Top-10 teams, another team who’s receiving votes, and another 1-pt loss to a very good “American East” team. Prior to this game, Bellarmine was another team who was receiving votes, so this is a fairly good win for the Utes.

Next week we’ll be on the road vs our 2nd conference opponent — Detroit-Mercy (0-5) — in a game we should easily win.

For those of you who don’t know, Lacrosse season is a fantastic buffer to tide you over until football season starts up again.