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Nice Write Up on Travis Wilson as a Rams Tight End

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    How many plays do they count on the TE to block in the NFL?   Would only come in on 3rd-and-long?

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      This is where the spread offense helps Travis out a lot. A lot of the catching TE’s line up in the slot now a days. 

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    I just want an announcer to call him Hercules again. One of my favorite calls that year.

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      Or “Baby Giraffe”.

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    Okay, this is crazy, I’ve got a small text box, we’ll see what happens.

    If Wilson makes the Rams, there will be three Pac-12 QBs on their roster. Wilson, Goff and Mannion.

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      It worked, but it appears I don’t have the capability… wait, I think I figured it out. My new work computer is a tablet, so probably UH is picking it up and giving me the mobile reply option, though everything else is normal on my monitor. Weird.