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Whitt spoke at an alumni event.

He said the he thinks Covey will catch 100 passes in Taylor’s offense. The question I have is, how does that relate to this year? 

Who can fill that role this year, and become the catch master? 

I think it is…drumroll….either the easy answer or the out of nowhere answer:

Easy Answer: Simpkins. He seems to be a Covey clone, smart, quick, fast, great hands, knows how to get opne. 

Crazy Answer: Fulk. He learns to catch the ball and becomes an incredible weapon. 

Side note: What the heck happened last year with Butler-Byrd? That was the strangest situatin I’ve ever seen. So much talent, but nothing went right for him. 

Other note, how amazing will our WR’s be in 2018? Simpkins, Hampton, Wilson, Nacua, Boyd, Dixon, Covey, Thompson…So much freaking talent there. Whoever is the QB in 2018 will have an embarrassment of riches. 

Our offense in 2018 could be the best offense we’ve ever had. 

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    Vickers will beat out Fulk.

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      See. This is a dude I know nothing about. If Vickers is that good, then we are fine at WR. 

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        Vickers is a mix of Covey, and Butler-Byrd. Speed, agility, playmaker.

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    Interesting. I like hearing that, because it sounds like Whit is 1- encouraged about the direction of the offense, and 2- he is certain Covey is coming back to us and won’t be lured away to god’s university, which is tds fan’s wet dream.

    Someone wrote in an article somewhere that Utah’s best player in offense will be Raelon Singleton in 2017.