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Riding Trax to the game.

Is Trax free to the game if you have a ticket ?

  • Utahute72

    It is free.  You used to just use your ticket, but I thought I saw something where you had to go on the Utah site a print a chit, but it could have just been for a specific game.  Check on the Utah Utes site game notes they should tell you.

  • PlainsUte
  • Warrior Ute

    It looks like your game ticket works as your fare all day.


  • Torg

    I have ridden trax most games I go to.

    Parking up by the U is just so annoying usually.

  • Torg

    Honestly, though it’s free to those with tickets…. they’ve never even checked anyone. They see a massive amount of people wearing red so they dont do any checks.

  • COFfrom83

    you don’t want to be the one they check without a ticket. the fine’s a couple hundred bucks if I understand correctly

  • Thlete

    Only charge of admission to Trax on gameday is your personal space. We pack in like sardines.