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wasn’t able to watch. did Walton really say Tillman has a stress fracture?

that would essentially eliminate all potential excitement I had about this hoops season. maybe explains why it’s been a state secret.

more ogbe flashbacks. hooray 

  • Tony
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    I don’t know what Walton said because I had the sound turned off.

    • Red Don

      I’m with you. I can’t take much of that blowhard Walton.  I seem to be in the minority in failing to see the fascination with the “national treasure.”

      • Tony

        To me it is kind of like what eventually made me never watch ESPN again. It becomes more a focus on the sports anchor, than the sport itself. I’m not tuning in to watch the Bill Walton show. I’m tuning in to watch Utah Basketball.

    • Minnesota Ute

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, get Bill and Jimmy on ESPN700 going on your mobile device, mute the TV, sync them up, and enjoy the game.  Bill Walton is intolerable for me, period.  I have to look away whenever they show him, that’s how much I can’t stand him.

      • Tony

        Yeah done that a few times. But I don’t have a DVR function now with my sling setup, so it’s no sound when the Walton circus is on.

  • Staples

    I missed it when he said it, but according to the Trib Coach K was asked about it afterwards so it must have happened. Krystkowiak denied it and questioned where Walton got his information. Normally I would think that’s just a coach not wanting to give out injury news, and that still might be the case, but this is Walton we’re talking about.

  • 89ute

    Yes, Walton really said it.