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Nice to see Seeley play

I have high hopes for Seeley and it was nice to see him play last night. He had a monster dunk at one point. Met him last year. He was a really nice dude. 

  • Staples

    Brings some energy and rebounding, both things that this team lacks at times (especially the rebounding.)

    • Tony

      Yeah a healthy Seeley and Tillman would be nice. May not happen I guess. 

      • Red Don

        Hopefully Dr. Walton’s diagnosis of a stress fracture is incorrect.  Having those two in together would be a difference maker.

        • Puget Ute

          That diagnosis apparently was news to Krystko in the after-game news conference, so hopefully that is untrue.

          • BattleGroundUte

            Well when you are high all of the time does it really matter what you say??

  • rbmw263

    I really worry about his jumper. watched him halftime of the asu game. he was taking 15 footers and missing badly. he is working hard at it though.

    • Tony

      We have Barefield and Parker Van Dyke to make the 15-footers. #ohwait