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Niumatalolo to Arizona?



Khalil Tate tweeted something about that he didn’t come to Arizona to run the triple option. But then he deleted his tweet. 

  • UteFanatic

    Khalil Tate is not pleased. Here is his (now deleted) tweet about it:

    • NarfUte

      We ain’t come to play SCHOOL!

      • THEeyepatch



      • Trailgoat

        It ain’t that complicated. Coach Niumatalolo is an excellent coach and will successfully run whatever offense he wants to. He makes lemonade with lemons. If he ends up at UofA, the next couple years will be interesting for Utah football with better coaches coming into the league. Let’s hope the Utes can at least beat Herm Edwards at ASU :).

        The origin of the current RPO, zone read, pistol, etc are based on similar read concepts of the flex bone/triple option offense. If you watched Navy play this year they ran other sets and plays outside the traditional flex bone offense with a down hill running QB.

        Too bad KTate made himself look like an ignorant football player (joking or not) with his tweet. Goes to show a lot of these kids with great athletic ability often times actually have limited football knowledge. Memo to KTate, you’re current offense at UofA is a triple option offense in the more contemporary form. Go Utes!

    • BattleGroundUte

      Good hope he leaves.  He wanted the DC and current interim to take over. 

    • AZUTE

      You know that Tate feller? Him sure does spell good.

  • Uterider

    Reports this morning saying he has withdrawn name from consideration.